Haze Holiday – 25 June 2013

The girls have been getting bored and restless today, which is the second day that they are kept away from school due to the haze.ย  Besides watching TV, playing with the laptop and doing some work that I have given them, they goofed around and played ‘Getting Married’.

Alycia : “Sherilyn, do you take Jonathan Wong as your awfully, err no, lawfully wedded husband?”

Sherilyn : NO!

Alycia : What?!! You must say yes!!

The 3 girls then cracked into a loud guffaw and they continued playing ‘Getting Married’ until Sherilyn finally said “Yes I do” LOL! Girls play, I just love to see them having such care-free and stress-free moments, enjoying their childhood instead of rushing off their homework and getting all stressed up preparing for exams.

If the API remains at below 200, the girls will return to school tomorrow but I am not letting Alycia stay back for extra curricular activities. How’s the API at your side? Did your kids go to school today?

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7 thoughts on “Haze Holiday – 25 June 2013

  1. Girls play! Such fun. I used to play getting married too as a child by putting the veil over my head just like that. haha.

  2. MG, same here. I used a towel as my veil haha!

    Saras, Jonathan Wong is a made up husband haha!

    Mum, I couldn’t stop laughing at them too, thus I took this pic ๐Ÿ˜€

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