Fashion Designer Wannabe

In terms of ingenuity, I would give Sherilyn a 9/10 rating.   She is one person who always thinks out of the box.  Her forte lies in her passion for fashion and her creativity, not to mention her boldness and her ‘dare to fail’ stance.  In school, she will be the audacious few who always raises her hands to answer questions, though her answers may be wrong. She will be the one who dares to take part in all the competitions opened to her, irregardless of whether she is adept or competent in that area. She had taken part in numerous drawing and talent-time competitions thus far.  Her latest winning is a second placement in a drawing and coloring competition for Primary 2 students.

At 11ish pm when all her sisters were fast asleep with me struggling to open my eyes, this Melinda Looi hopeful was still at the dining table, trying to finish sewing a bridal gown.  She hijacked my measurement tape, scissors and sewing kit.  I gave her an old hanky to practise her sewing before she undertook this  ‘project’.

She was poked umpteen times by needles but that did not stop her a wee bit to finish off her first bridal gown. Her perseverance paid off and she managed to design and sew an awesome wedding gown in bright red! Even her critical sister praised her!

The  wedding gown, 80% completed. And I had forgotten to snap a picture of the finished gown, bummer!

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Designer Wannabe

  1. Great attitude!! you always say she has dilly dally attitude .. not true at all …

    with this determination and preserverance, I am sure she will be very successful next time ..

  2. CL, she still dilly dallies! Every morning, we have to wait for her to get out from her daydreaming to get ready for school. When it comes to doing things that she likes, she can spend hours at it, though 🙂

  3. wow! your girls each have their own talents…amazing! i love sher’s determination though…she will definitely be somebody one day. btw, we were at my friend’s open house during raya and melinda was there. i didnt see her or didnt notice her as there were so many peope (i’m blur that way). but RL came to me to say that some couples asked her is she Melinda’s daughter and i went “who’s melinda?” to which she replied she also doesnt know. only much later, one of my other friends mentioned melinda and said she is there and i went “ohhhh!!!”. hah

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