And Finally, The Report Cards

As the final school term is fast drawing to an end, with just 2 more school days to go, the much awaited report cards came back for tiger mommy to review and sign!

Sherilyn brought back her report card yesterday. She also helped to pick up Alycia’s report card from the teacher. Alycia has been on sick leave for 2 days, including today, after the day-trip with her school to Sekinchan on Saturday. This morning I went to Cass’ kindy to meet her teacher and to collect her report card.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the girls’ marks and position this time.  Alycia and Sherilyn’s wish came true and they are going to the class that they have wanted to go to.   Alycia’s ‘standard position’ improved significantly, though her marks for the test papers are pretty much the same this time, with improvement in some papers and a decline of a few marks for some papers.  Alycia’s class position remains top 5.

Sherilyn’s marks, class position and ‘standard position’ improved considerably this time.  From almost rock bottom in the mid year exam, due to a B in her Chinese test paper, she has climbed up fast and furiously this time. However, she still needs lots of polishing in her Chinese language subject. It will not be easy to remain in this class for Sherilyn next year if she does not work hard enough, especially in her Chinese language.

Cass has shown remarkable improvement academically too. From an almost zilch reading skill at the beginning of this year, she has now mastered the Sukukata (phonics in Malay) very well.  Her reading in English is also improving. Her thirst in reading suddenly grew overnight in the past one month.  She scored 100 in her BM paper and the rest were high 90s except for a 77 in her Chinese test paper. Chinese language is a subject which is pretty tough to master. It is even harder for our kids as both the hubs and I are yellow bananas — yellow skin on the outside but white in the inside like ‘gwai los’ lol!

Sherilyn will continue to attend the after-school enrichment centre next year.  She is VERY happy there and she comes home a very happy child every day.  There is lesser whining from her and she has so much to tell me about her friends every night.  She is also learning well from the enrichment centre. Right now, both Sherilyn and Alycia are looking forward to the trip to Kidzania organized by the enrichment centre.  As for Cass, I will have to ask the Mandarin tutor to drill her more starting from now.

I am going to put aside school books and exam stress for the next 2 months and am looking forward to enjoying the school holidays with the girls! 😀

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6 thoughts on “And Finally, The Report Cards

  1. Congratulations to your 3 angels on their good progress!! My boy dropped from top 20 in whole std to 30. I don’t actually have time to sit down and coach him these few months and thought he would drop to 2nd class which is fine to me. We plan to send him for tuition next year though he still debates that he can study on his own. Duh..

  2. Joanne, Little Kit Boy, Mum, thanks!

    Wai Mun, 30 for whole std position is very good to me! Your boy is smart, i think no need tuition, with your dedicated guidance.

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