Spared From Water Rationing

Yesterday I sent a Facebook message to Puspel, the water management company to seek confirmation on whether our area is affected by the water rationing. This is because our ‘Taman’ is not specifically listed out in the Water Rationing Notice. All our close neighbors are affected and listed out in the Notice. Our condo Management also called up the water management company to get a confirmation. And the replies from Puspel to us were…. our ‘Taman’ is S P A R E D!! Woohoo!! **doing the happy dance** But we ain’t going to be too happy just yet as there may be a Phase 3 (which is likely to be announced soon) and Phase 4 of the water rationing exercise, which may include our ‘Taman’.

In our home, we are all on stand-by mode, with pails and containers of water, just in case the water management head decides to pull the water switch off. Though the cloud-seeding exercise has been bearing fruit with rain for the past two days, we however cannot be happy as the rain may not have fallen at the water catchment areas and even if it did, the short rain respite is definitely not enough to fill up the dams.

So for now, we are just thankful to God for sparing us from the hardship. And I pray that the water rationing exercise will be called off very soon. I had gone through the hardship 16 years ago and I know how difficult and stressful it is, especially for household with young kids and sick ones (especially those stricken with diarrhea!). So dear God, do continue to answer our prayers by sending torrential rains to the water catchment areas everyday. Amen!

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