A Very Expensive Lesson Learnt, The Hard Way!

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, the month of May has always been a very challenging month for me. Nothing goes smoothly in the month of May. It is also a month that money goes out inevitably from my pockets, from hubs’ pockets too. We were married in the month of May. Hubs and I had to break our bank accounts to fund our wedding expenses.

Cass’ surgeries were performed in the month of May. That cost us over RM50,000 and not a single sen was claimable from our insurance companies. Come May every year, I would have something challenging and expensive popping up unexpectedly. The most recent challenge was my difficult tooth extraction. Next week, hubs would have to break his bank account again. Our unit will be undergoing some massive renovation works not by choice and we would have to evacuate our nest to stay at our relative’s unit for 2 weeks 🙁 Our internal water pipes are starting to leak and if we do not replace them with new ones, we risk having the water pipes burst. So our 2-week school holidays will revolve around lots of packing and unpacking of our stuff and loads of cleaning up to do after the renovation works are completed, boo hoo hoo 🙁

About 2 weeks ago, Alycia asked me for RM5 to buy some ice-creams from the store at our condo. When she came back, I was about to start the washing machine. She quickly removed her uniform (with a 50 sen coin in her pocket!!) and asked me to chuck it into the washing machine. I did not check her pocket as I had already started the machine and had to pause it to put in her uniform. That moment of neglect proved to be a lifetime of regret for me!! All because of the 50 sen coin, I had to fork out RM200 to fix the washing machine! All because of a moment of neglect and laziness, I had to not only part with RM200 but I had to work extra hard by going down to my aunt’s unit below us to use her washing machine for 4 days! 4 freaking long days for someone with OCD who has to wash 5 loads of clothes everyday is torturous!

I learnt a lesson from this negligence. Alycia too. Alycia is very fond of leaving used tissue papers and money in her pockets despite me telling her umpteen times not to do it. After this very expensive life lesson, I told her to never ever leave anything in her pockets when she dumps her dirty clothes into the laundry basket.

As for me, I have developed a phobia after this incident. I now check all the clothes with pockets many times before I put them into a washing net.

And all clothes with pockets go into a washing net. Had I put Alycia’s uniform into a washing net on that fateful day, the coin would have been trapped by the washing net and not get lodged near the  inner drum of the washing machine.

I told Alycia that her 2 ice creams cost me more than RM200!

So dear friends, do learn from this lesson. Always check all your clothes pocket before putting them into the washing machine. If you are in a rush to check the clothes, at least put the clothes into a washing machine net with a zip that is in working order. A faulty zip would only render the zip to be opened up during spinning with all the clothes spilling out into the washing machine.


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