Orange Apple Avocado Smoothie With Chia Seeds

Yesterday, I made a glass of orange + apple + avocado + chia seed smoothie for Cass to combat her constipation problem.  I also added half a cup of color-free strawberry flavored yoghurt drink to the Shimono cup for a double power laxative effect and whirled everything together for a few seconds.  This concoction is SO refreshing and according to Cass, it tasted just like those smoothies from MBG Fruit Shop and Boost Juice 😀

And the result?  She poo-ed after her lunch 😀

 photo 3b74f647-744b-42e5-99fb-bd131d73486f_zpsdd5d0da6.jpg


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4 thoughts on “Orange Apple Avocado Smoothie With Chia Seeds

  1. Ever consider locally grown fruits like papaya or pineapple? Might keep cost down and have same benefits, and definitely fresher than imported stuff.

    1. Hi Chris, yeah would love to grown my own fruits and veggie just like my parents in their garden. But we live in a condo and the only thing we can grow due to limited space are only 2 potted plants ;(

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