Pink Hello Kitty Dress

There is this pink Hello Kitty dress at my supplier’s warehouse, which can be purchased from my online store  that I am very, very tempted to get for myself.  I have been a Hello Kitty fan all my life!  When I was younger, I used to eat, sleep and breathe Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio. I still have my collection of Hello Kitty collectibles nicely kept in a drawer at my parents in Ipoh.   My hands still get itchy  whenever I see cute Hello Kitty and Sanrio things 😉

For someone who sells clothes, it is only natural that I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes. Many of them are worn only once.  Some are brand new and still not worn yet. If I add this Hello Kitty dress to my collection of clothes, I know I will probably only wear it once or twice.  I still have several dresses that I have ordered from my supplier that have not reached me yet and they are for ME!  No doubt the dress is in my favorite color pink and has my favorite childhood character on it, but but but, sigh….!

So I turned to Cass and asked her if I should get it.  Cass scrutinized the dress and as frank as she has always been with her opinion with me, she told me that I will probably look FAT in it!  Errr, have I ever been FAT?!  But a child’s opinion is always forthright and I think I will probably look fat in it.  And honestly, do you think a 41-year old mother of 3 kids will look ridiculous in a pink Hello Kitty dress?  I asked Cass this question and she went “ERRRR….”  as if not wanting to spill out the cruel truth from her mouth.   So, it is a no go la Hello Kitty pink dress 🙁

In case you like it, you can order it from me though 😉






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4 thoughts on “Pink Hello Kitty Dress

  1. OMG the dress is so nice!! But Cass is right, even thin people will look ‘tai chek’ (big size) in this kinda dress coz of the empire line or rubber line at the upper waist there.. But I’m tempted leh… hmmmmm….

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