Looming Danger In Rainbow Loom?

My girls have finally been bitten by the Rainbow Loom bug!  When Rainbow Loom first landed in Malaysia some time last year and became popular amongst kids and adults, I did not buy my girls a set.  Reason being this el cheapo  mummy said it was just too expensive.  I ain’t going to splurge over RM100 on colorful rubber bands!

Now that the Rainbow Loom bubble is almost bursting and  is sold very cheaply almost everywhere, I bought them 2 packs, which cost less than RM10 a pack for a few hundred bands.  I got the Rainbow Loom bands from Art Friend @ Gardens Mid Valley.

Cass was immediately addicted to it.  The moment we brought the Rainbow Loom bands home, she quickly hopped over to You Tube to search for online tutorials on how to tie them into bracelets. Within an hour, she made 2 bracelets!  This girl sure has nimble fingers and good dexterity.



She made over 10 bracelets and gave them to her 2 che ches, teachers and friends.

Cass bugged me to buy her more Rainbow Loom bands in other colors but wait, there is looming danger in these bands!

Just a few days after Cass got hooked on these colorful bands, news on a boy who got blinded in one eye by the Rainbow Loom and another boy’s finger turned black after a Loom band was tied to his finger flooded Facebook and the media. I showed the pictures of the 2 boys who got injured to Cass. My mil also read the news in the Chinese newspapers.

Do you allow your kids to play with Rainbow Loom? This hobby is way healthier than being hooked on the idiot box and other electrical gadgets. But there is a looming danger too in these pretty Rainbow Loom bands. Sigh!  Cass told me that she would wear goggles should she want to tie  the Rainbow Loom bands.

So how now brown cow? Loom or no loom now?  What say you?




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3 thoughts on “Looming Danger In Rainbow Loom?

  1. I think the responsibility also lies with the parents. Where were they when the kid had the band so long on his finger it turned black? Every toy, no matter how expensive, has inherent risk or danger. Toys are not human babysitters. Even an iPad can be dangerous, no? Parental supervision might be a new concept to some people I guess. I quite agree abt these “flash in the pan” toys that have a limited run. Lemme see…pet rocks? Tamagotchi? Cabbage patch babies? Teletubbies? Chia pets? Beanie babies?I hear the last is still around, horrors!

    1. Yes Chris, parental supervision is the key! I told Cass that she can only tie the Loom bands when I am around. I think letting the kids spend hours on end in front of the TV and computer poses an even greater risk. The kid’s brain and eyes may be fried up. Parental supervision and limitation to the number of hours spent on each game / toy / activity is important.

  2. I still remember weaving the friendship bands when young. If I were still young I will be crazy over this rainbow loom.

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