Doting Koong Koong

Some pictures of my doting and helpful 71-year old dad, helping to carry Cass’ backpack and door gift bag on her graduation day at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre last Saturday…





And he wore the backpack for hours, even when we crossed over to Sunway Pyramid mall for shopping and until we returned home that night!


The power of love conquers everything, even  mocking stares and giggles from strangers! Thank you papa for being a wonderful papa and koong koong!




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6 thoughts on “Doting Koong Koong

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to see a guy who is so secure in his manliness that he is not threatened at all by strangers who probably know nothing abt being a kind and helpful soul regardless of the circumstances? Very attractive!

    1. Chris, my dad is a very down-to-earth person and he is the least perturbed by what people think of what he does if he strongly feels that what he does is the right thing 🙂

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