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Today is the eve of the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn’s final exam and I am only starting to revise with them today.  Can you feel the heat and pressure I am feeling now?  I am reeling from the  exam fever heat *wipe sweat from forehead*!   It does not help that the weather for the past few days has been hot and humid with no rain. As I am typing this post, I have fans blowing at me from my right, left and top, I kid you not!

To distract Cass from being the attention seeker while I revise with her sisters (this rascal can be a brat at times, fighting for attention), I downloaded a new app into the iPad to keep her entertained.  It is a Chinese Writer app by Molatra.

Molatra is one of the best Chinese Writer apps for those seeking to learn Chinese. You have to write the Chinese character according to the correct order of the strokes (pit soon). If not, you will not be able to proceed to the next character. One can check the strokes order at the practice section. The character will be read out clearly too. There are speed levels for beginners to advanced learners. Cass and even Alycia love this app and find it challenging to beat the time to complete writing the characters correctly.






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