First ABL Match For The Girls

After dinner with my parents last night, the hubby dragged everyone along to the MABA stadium to  watch an ABL (Asean Basketball League) match between Malaysia Dragons and Vietnam.  It was the girls and my parents’ first time watching a life basketball match.  The hubs had on hand some VIP tickets, thus dragged everyone along.



Players as tall as Yao Ming and as fast as lightning charging the court and displaying their sheer competency.  Each half court strike would earn them a minimum of five thousand bucks!   Go be a basketball player if you have got the height!!



Check out how TALL the Malaysia Dragons player is!  My parents and girls look like midgets standing next to him!


My parents obviously enjoying the game.  The girls are seated next to Roy kau fu.


This burly and lanky Malaysia Dragon player swept Cass off her feet! She commented that he was as sweaty and slippery as an eel and smelled ewwwwww!  LOL!


It was indeed an eye-opening experience for the girls.  They now look forward to watching the next ABL match!




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