Shopping At Pavillion – 6 December 2014

To cheer up Cass who has been feeling really broody ever since her 2 che ches and grandma left for NZ, hubs brought us to Pavillion for shopping today.

We saw a ‘guai lo’ Santa Claus and I quickly asked Cass to pose next to him for a pic and then Whatsapp-ed the picture to her che ches in NZ.

Such Christmassy feel in Pavillion – great Xmas decor and lovely Xmas songs.  This is truly the best time of the year!


We had lunch at Kampachi.  Cass ordered her favorite Chawan Mushi and soba noodles.

My plate of raw protein, which I shared with hubs.

Then we spent over an hour at the Nike shop.  The basketball freak hubs shopped like crazy at the shop!  Since he was so in the mood to shop, I quickly grabbed a Nike tee and Nike dri-fit skorts for myself, kekeke…


While finding the loo, Cass’ sharp eyes saw something from a far.  Oh no, she saw toys! She pestered me to bring her there.  She filtered all the dolls and baby toys and then something caught her eyes – GUNS!  Oh NO!!  She was hooked on some Boom Co. Blasters toy guns that shoot our darts onto a sticker target!  And you know what?  I enjoyed playing with the gun too!  Soon, she bugged her daddy to buy her the Blasters toy guns and his ever indulgent daddy bought 3 of them!  2 for her cousins in NZ and 1 for Cass… complete with protective eye gear too!


You seeeeee, the little boy in him!!

And they spent almost an hour playing with BoomCo. Blasters while I went in to Parkson to do more shopping 😀

Since it has been yonks since we last went overseas (Singapore not included la), we found out that we do not have enough luggage bags!  So we hunted for trolley luggage bags too.

Tomorrow, we will be doing shopping again.  This time to buy  a jacket for myself and hubs will probably get another hand-carry trolley luggage bag.  I told hubs that luggage bags are a good investment since they can last for many years.  Very soon, Alycia would be needing them when she goes overseas for further studies, I told him.  I am that forward thinking like that, haha!






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