Cheongsam Girl

Cass this afternoon – just back from school in her CNY outfit for  CNY performance in school today…

Can you guess how old this cheongsam is?

Alycia wore this cheongsam only once when she was 3 years old!  I think Sherilyn never wore it.  And my soon-to-be 7YO baby girl can still wear it!  And no, Cass is not petite, in fact she is quite chubby. Now this reminds me that Alycia was a pretty big baby and toddler!  And she lost all her baby fat when she was about 8 years old 😀

Still looking like brand new, this cheongsam is almost a decade old!  That’s the wonder of cheongsam – evergreen and versatile.


Every Friday ever since Cass started Primary 1, she would say this to me “mummy, I wish tomorrow would be Monday. I hate holidays. I love going to school. OH WHY DID GOD CREATE SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS, WHYYYY??!”  That’s how much Cass loves going to school!



Happy eve of the eve of CNY to all those celebrating CNY.  To those who are driving back to your hometown, remember to drive safely. To those staying behind,  enjoy your holiday!  If you want to binge on your favorite CNY goodies, goat ahead but remember to exercise ya!

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4 thoughts on “Cheongsam Girl

  1. She is such a pretty girl. You keep it well, the cheongsam still very new. My girls do not like to wear cheongsam now, they find it very uncomfortable. Happy Chinese New Year to you and family, Gong Xi Fa Cai..!!

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