Cassandra’s Yamaha Pop Piano Course – Starting With Keyboard

Cass attended her 5th pop piano course at Yamaha last Saturday. She was introduced to the bass clef (left hand on the piano) and learned some theory in her 5th lesson.

Cass can now play a handful of simple songs from the book on her keyboard that her grandaunt has lent us.  When she goes on to a higher level in a few months’ time, we will have to get her a piano.

Cass can spend hours playing on the keyboard on weekends.  Yesterday, without even informing me, she picked up the house phone and dialled her granny’s house telephone number. She wanted her koong koong and granny to listen to her as she played on the keyboard!   With the phone loudspeaker mode on, she played several pieces for her grandparents in Ipoh to hear…


And now, it looks like the drama queen is also yearning to learn the piano! Hubs and I told her that she can only choose one – hip hop dance or piano!  She chose the former and is now taking lessons from  Cass and me. It’s hilarious and heartwarming altogether to see Cass teaching Sherilyn. At least, this keeps them occupied, keeps them away from the electrical gadgets and keeps them away from disturbing Alycia while she studied for her exam.



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