Holding My Mind Ransom

Kids these days are super manipulative. With access to online social media platforms, the internet and the newspapers, my 12-year old knows more than I do sometimes. After all, she has more free time on hand to read during her leisure time whereas my free time is like just ten minutes a day – when I sit on the throne. And this is also  with the littlest one inside the same bathroom as me, to chat with me while she showers!

Anyway, I want to tell you how manipulative my 12-year old is each time I reprimand her for not putting enough time and effort to study.  With information that she absorbs from the newspapers and internet, she knows what kids are up to these days.  Each time I chide her off, she will say this to me… “mummy, if you want me to study so hard, later I will go crazy and depressed. And then I will jump off a building!”   This is definitely a case of a child verbally holding her parent’s mind  ransom! This makes me want to retort and say “go jump off right now!” Of course I did not say this, so as not to make myself so childish and to really challenge a tween with raging hormones to really do it. This girl is pretty reticent but when she talks, she can be really good with her words and sometimes corners me.   If you hear such words coming out from the mouth of your tween, what would you do and say?



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2 thoughts on “Holding My Mind Ransom

  1. Firstly, I would set aside study time, strictly adhered to, and have scheduled breaks when they can do whatever. And on the idea of them threatening, gasp very loudly and say this…… ” Oh, I have heard of this from the Internet too! Oh, we MUST notify your school so that remediation can be done IMMEDiATELY! There will be intervention sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists, and you will be put into a mental facility till u get cured! While there, not likely you will be allowed to see friends or family, until the doctors feel you are ready, not when YOU say you are ready! Oh, definitely while on the inside, no internet or video games. It will be intense rehabilitation 24/7. Now, are u ready to check in, can I help u pack???”
    My kids used to pull the same stunt, I always pointed to the fridge magnet for Kidshelp phone number and strongly encouraged them to use it. They never did! Or my dtr threatening to run away to Disneyworld…I asked if I could help her pack and if she had enough for taxi fare to the airport, never mind the airfare!
    Sometimes, if there is no good answer, just play into them and put your own adult reality spin on it!

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