Mushroom Pasta and Grilled Chicken For Lunch

Lunch for Cass on one of the school days last week…

Mushroom pasta, grilled turmeric and kafir lime leaves chicken drumstick, hardboiled free-range chicken egg and half a cob of sweet corn.  Smoothie of the day and her Izumio hydrogen water.

This Martha Stewart mushroom pasta recipe calls for white wine to prepare the mushroom sauce but I only have red wine at home.  So I substituted white wine with Stone’s ginger wine!  And I did not have enough whipping cream for the sauce, so I used fresh milk and cheese as substitute.  Taste was still robust (I also used lots of garlic) and the girls truly enjoyed their pasta.  Some mushroom pasta recipes include a raw egg on top of the noodles but I’ll definitely skip raw eggs for kids. So I made hard-boiled eggs.

The girls have requested for mushroom pasta for dinner again and I am going to dish this out again on Thursday.  It’s easy peasy to prepare and I like it that I can prepare extra for several meals. This is absolutely the to-cook-meal for busy mothers 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Mushroom Pasta and Grilled Chicken For Lunch

  1. Can sub white wine with just plain water, broth or even apple juice. And of course evaporated milk instead of whipping cream. I agree abt not using the raw egg. A nicely done sunny side up egg is pretty though as a garnish. Looks like a great dish!

    1. I’ve tried using evaporate milk too Chris. Tasted delish too but somehow, when whipping cream is used, the sauce just has that extra oomph! My imagination? 😉

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