Scanning In An Open Area

An MRI can often detect injuries in the body that an x-ray might not be able to see. It can also assist in seeing tumors and other health issues that ordinary tests don’t. If you don’t like being in an enclosed space, then an open MRI would be an option. There are other benefits of this kind of machine that make it easy to conduct the test.

The open machine can sometimes give better details where a closed MRI might miss something. It can also provide safety for patients. This kind of MRI is commonly used with people who are obese and unable to comfortably be inside a closed tunnel. The open machine isn’t confining as there isn’t a traditional tube. There is an arm that extends over the table in order to capture the images.

If you are claustrophobic, then this would be the best option. You will be able to see the nurses who are performing the scan and the rest of the room instead of looking at the inside of a closed area. There is room for someone to offer comfort through the scan. This is a benefit for children who might want a parent. There is often enough room for the parent to lay on the table with the child. This can help decrease the need for sedatives in order to relax the child for the scan. IV poles can easily be taken into the room since there is no enclosure.

You can be positioned closer to the magnet so that better pictures can be taken. This can give doctors a clear view of the area. Some of the closed tunnels might inhibit views, causing doctors to miss something important on the scan. There is less noise and a lower magnetic field with an open machine.


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