Update On Cassandra’s Road To Recovery From Incontinence

It’s been 2 1/2 months since Cass started consuming Izumio hydrogen water to treat her incontinence and I am still very pleased with the results.

Cass has reduced the usage of diapers by more than half since she consumed Izumio. She only wears them when she is in school, when we are out for long outings and when she sleeps at night. During the day at home, she is completely off diapers.  Before she started consuming Izumio, she had to be diapered 24 hours a day. She had severe involuntary urine dribbling. According to her doctor, this is one of the symptoms of a patient with high grade kidney reflux. The kidney reflux problem has since been fixed with a surgery at 13 months old. This could also be that the nerves and muscles of her urinary tract are weakened as a result of 2 major surgeries when she was still a baby with delicate organs, nerves and muscles still growing.  The surgeons whom she is seeing cannot pinpoint what exactly is wrong internally that’s causing the incontinence though Cass had gone through a battery of invasive tests.

Today, she accomplished yet another milestone in her journey to recovery!

We had wanted to go to Mid Valley Megamall for shopping but the traffic into Mid Valley was horrendous! We spent over an hour stuck in the traffic and had to detour as all the entrance points into Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens were FULL. So I drove to Bangsar and went to BSC instead. All the while in the car, I kept asking Cass if she had leaked and if she felt like peeing and she said NO.

Cass was off diapers and only wore a regular pad today. I normally get her to put on a diaper when we are out. Today, I wanted her to break the norm and move on to be diaper-free when we go out.  She has to start somewhere and I chose today.

When we finally reached BSC, I quickly brought her to the washroom to ease herself. I was delighted when I saw that the pad was dry though she had held on for over an hour!  Then we went to have lunch and 1.5 hours later, I brought her to the washroom again. What a joy when I saw that the pad was still dry!  If you have a child who has battled with bladder problems all her life, seeing a dry pad would mean A LOT to you! The joy is immeasurable!

In the past before Cass started to consume Izumio, she would soak through a 42cm long pad and the pee would seep onto the underwear in just 20 minutes. What she has accomplished today is indeed a very big mile stone.  Previously, the urine leakage would be even worse whenever we were out shopping and had to walk a fair bit. Any rapid movement of her legs would exacerbate the leakage. I wouldn’t say that there is a 100% healing yet as I know that Cass’ bladder muscles and nerves are still weak but they are definitely on the road to recovery.  Based on my own observation, there is a 60-70% recovery now.  We still have a lot to work on together to strengthen her muscles, nerves and sphincters.

I believe that her muscles, nerves and sphincters were in a ‘comatose’ state but were revived when she started to drink Izumio hydrogen water.

Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the world that can penetrate your cells at a mitochondrial level and has strong anti-oxidant properties, eliminating free radicals within your body at enormous rates.

1. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells.

2. Hydrogen is required by our bodies for organ function. We get it from the air, from water, from food. But less from food because when cooked, there is hardly any hydrogen left. Hydrogen from the air we breathe dissipates quickly. The body needs Hydrogen in ion form. Water is our best source of it.

3. But now there is Hydrogen water – and Izumio has the HIGHEST Hydrogen levels in the world compared to any other Hydrogen product and the Miracle water from Lourdes, France, etc. It is proven that Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells and is also capable of balancing the pH within the body.

As I believe that Cass has weak muscles and sphincters, I am trying my best to get her to do exercises everyday.

I get her to do brisk walking everyday, indoors.  On days when I have the time, I jump with her on the trampoline.  When she jumps, she has a strong urge to pee. Heck, I feel the same too! In fact, after 3 C-section births and a short period of incontinence after the birth of Cass, I have a rather weak bladder too.  So we jump together on the trampoline and encourage each other to work out our muscles and bladders too.

… and watch the TV while we jump to beat boredom.

You can email shireenyong@gmail.com to find out more about the products that Cass is consuming.


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2 thoughts on “Update On Cassandra’s Road To Recovery From Incontinence

  1. I have got a rebounder at home but have since stopped jumping on it after hearing it may cause the uterus to drop with regular jumping. Not sure how true it is.

    Congrats to Cassandra for her remarkable recovery.

    1. Hi Agnes..thanks for your comments. I did a search on jumping and uterus collapse and found many answers 🙂
      Generally, if a woman is not overweight, does not have history of an injured or weak uterus and does not jump too vigorously or regularly, uterine collapse should not happen. Cass and I only jump 2-3x in a week (wish we could do it more often, but time is not on my side).
      You can read more here:

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