Random Things On A Friday – 31 July 2015

As July 2015 ends today, I ended the last day of the month  by embarking on a new fitness regime this morning!  With creaky and achy knees that give way whenever I run on the road, I have decided to give running and brisk walking a break to heal my aging knees.

Inspired by the mil who swims for half an hour every morning (she’s 70 years old this year) and advised by the hubs, I have decided to swim every morning to give my knees a good break.  I have never been a fan of swimming as I prefer to sweat it out on the road or gym but I have no choice but to go through a hiatus to  heal my knees. Today, I found a renewed love for swimming!  I swam for 45 minutes starting from 6:30am and felt really good after the workout in the water!  The only thing missing is a swimming cap to hold my waist-length hair in place.  In a few minutes, I  will be driving to Mid Valley Megamall with the mil to shop for a swimming cap and a pair of goggles. Swimming, here I come and conquer the pool from now on!

Happy Friday peeps! 🙂




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8 thoughts on “Random Things On A Friday – 31 July 2015

    1. Hi Agnes, you can still learn to swim. At our condo, Cass’ swimming instructor teachers several ladies aged above 40 and I see that they pick up very fast 🙂

  1. Happy Friday!!
    I love swimming. I have always said that if I live in a condo, I will swim almost every other day 🙂 After swimming, I always get a nice restful sleep!

    1. That’s one of the benefits of living in a condo Adrine. But the downside is that you dont have the luxury of space. I envy your huge garden, patio and spacious kitchen! 🙂

    1. Not cold at all Barb! The only uneasy feeling I had was a little creepy as it was a tad dark and I was the only one swimming in the big pool. Anyway, it’s very safe coz the pool is facing the main entrance and there are many early birds walking to and fro around the pool area 🙂

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