Our Sunday – 9 August 2015

Today is the eve of the eve of Alycia’s exam – her final UPSR trial exam before the actual exam in exactly a month’s time.  After going through endless exams with her and the 2 younger girls, I have learned to relax like Alycia. She’s always as cool as a cucumber, come what may. Now, I have learnt to stay calm and cool too. It’s only one of those hundreds of exams that she has to go through in her life. And she’s only 12!  So heck, I am not going to loose sleep and hair over exams!

Sherilyn whipped up her designer yoghurt for breakkie today. In the morning, we went to the supermarket to shop for fruits. Back home, she sliced up some Australian strawberries for her pineapple yogurt.

Sherilyn’s creation – low-fat pineapple Swiss yogurt with cashews, heart-shaped strawberries and Nutella.

Lunch was at our latest favorite Korean haunt – Oiso Korean Restaurant.

My favorite beef Bibimbap again…


Another of my favorite – beef Bulgogi…


Korean rice cake with hard-boiled egg and tofu cake with Korean chilli paste.


Kimchi ramen, which is everyone’s favorite.

Korean seafood noodles…


For dessert, we segued next door to Macaroni Food And Coffee @ Faber Tower for…

Butter bread pudding with ice-cream…


Hubs ordered 2 pizzas for take-away for the pizza-craze girl sitting for exam.  Aargh, I hate pizzas and sick of having them every Sunday!!  I’ll be fine with oats + milk and some fruits 🙂

While Alycia locked herself in the bedroom and buried herself in school books, the 2 younger girls played Blokus and Monopoly. Both are strategy games and the girls love them. They spent over 2 hours playing with Alycia coming out every 15 minutes to watch them play. Poor girl, I can’t wait for her UPSR exam to be over so that she can immerse herself in all her favorite games and sports again.


I can happily update all my blogs since I don’t have to cook today.  Happy Sunday and have a fruitful week ahead world! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Our Sunday – 9 August 2015

  1. My girl is very cool and relax too for her UPSR, I can never get her to study at home unlike Alycia willing to lock herself in the room to study. Me too, worry and can’t wait for the UPSR exam to be over and done with. After which she will have to take 2 entry exams for independent schools.

    1. Hi Agnes, Alycia has to sit for a test in the high school that she’s going to in Oct. That test is for streaming next year. Good luck to your girl in her UPSR exam too!

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