Our Tuesday – 15 September 2015

Today is an emergency government declared holiday for schools in several states in Malaysia, caused by the haze. Coincidentally, it is also the girls’ school anniversary holiday today. When we went to the coffee shop for breakfast this morning, we saw many kids still in their uniform having brekkie. Their parents were obviously not aware of the holiday, which was only declared at midnight! Yup, we have a bunch of jokers up there but I ain’t going to elaborate further lest I get myself into trouble… you get what I mean?  Anyway, today’s haze situation ain’t as terrible as yesterday, thanks to the rain.  Yesterday was horrendous!

After breakfast, we segued into Les Deux Garcons to have coffee, cakes and salad.

Then we went shopping and Grandma bought Cass a My Melody lantern.  I am going to miss seeing my last baby playing with a lantern. I am pretty sure that by next year, Cass will be past the stage of lantern-playing, just like her 2 che ches.

At home, holiday mood filled the air and the girls ain’t perturbed by the hazy air at all. The  3rd term school holiday begins this weekend and they are so looking forward to having koong koong and granny here!

Tomorrow is yet another public holiday (Malaysia Day). We will be home-bound and staying away from town. News (hopefully rumors) have it that the  Shirt Rally may turn chaotic. So we will just stick in our neighborhood. The girls will be at their grand uncle’s house to get a lasagna cooking tutorial from him 🙂

For those living in the Klang Valley, stay safe and stay healthy. Let’s pray that the haze situation improves and that the Shirt Rally will be anything but peaceful.


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