Comfort Food – Spicy Indian Cuisine

Yesterday morning I was in  the mood to eat something spicy with a touch of Indian spices.  I was bored of eating bread, oats and crackers for breakfast. I wanted to add some spice to my Friday morning and I knew that the girls would love to have spicy Indian food for lunch too. They are all fans of spicy food.

So I went to a nearby Indian restaurant and packed some herbs and spices chicken, chick pea curry and dal curry.  Then segued to the next door cafe to take-away two packets of mee siam.

This Indian restaurant dishes out authentic Indian food, some of which are pretty unique. I love them all!

My brunch — three forkfuls of mee siam accompanied by lots of chick pea curry and dal curry with lots of Indian dal lentils and leaves. So yummy and therapeutic!

With comfort food, enough sleep (forced myself to be in bed by 10:30pm), a good cat nap on my massage chair while the girls were in school and extra dosage of Izumio hydrogen water, I have been feeling fine and dandy since yesterday. My heart palpitations have stopped.



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