Our Wednesday – 14 October 2015

It’s a public holiday today, so off we headed to Avenue K for some food and retail therapy!

After our delightful brunch at Bankara Ramen, the girls charged their most favored place – Popular bookstore.

Bankara Raman is a Tokyo-based noodle chain that serves good quality authentic Japanese noodles and cuisine. If you’re looking to dig into some really tasty ramen with lip-smacking broth infused with refined shoyu and pork bones, this is the place to go to. Many of their patrons are Japanese.

Cass claimed her second reward earned from the recent final exam. Each A that she scores earns  her a small gift 🙂

Next up was H&M!  Shopping for clothes is now getting more gratifying with 2 vain tween girls!  The four of us would squeeze into the fitting room to try our clothes.  Down side is that daddy’s wallet gets a bigger bashing.

While the girls and I shopped, hubs went for a relaxing massage at Erawan Wellness Massage.  After all of us had our mood fixed with our favorite therapy, we fixed our rumbling tummies at Franco, a French Japanese Artisanal Cafe.

Hubs picked FRANCO’s World Famous French Toast! This is an absolute MUST HAVE and it was really delightful.



Azuki Red Bean & Jelly Pancake Matcha Softee.   This is a hot and super soft matcha cake topped with matcha ice cream, cube matcha jellly and cube coffee jelly.  The combination of hot & cold hit all the right notes. We loved it!

Franco’s Classic Puff Pizza is no run-of-the-mill pizza. The pastry used is puff pastry and I love the small wedges of egg plant in the topping.

FRANCO’s Chocolate Souffle. This hot and fluffy souffle is made using 66% dark chocolate and served on a hot bowl. It is a uber decadent dessert with a delicious chocolaty molten center.

It’s such an awesome thing to have a public holiday in the middle of the week.  A one-day breather from the height of work stress and school stress plus a day to catch up on one’s beauty sleep help heaps to recharge our batteries for the remaining stressful days in the week.


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