Stressful Monday – 7 October 2015

The past 1 week has been super duper dreadfully stressful for me. Have I told you that Miss Drama Queen has stopped attending the daily after-school tuition center effective October 2015? I don’t see any improvement in her grades for the past 1 year and she did not fulfill her daddy’s ultimatum to show us just a little improvement.

Miss Drama Queen begged us to allow her to continue going to the tuition center but we have to mean what we say and walk the talk. So yeah, cruel as we may be, I had to break the news to the principal of the tuition center. I think she will fare better under the tutelage of our current private tutor who has been teaching Alycia and Cass for the past 4.5 years.   Nonetheless, she will still attend tuition at the center once a week on Saturdays. I know she just can’t let go of the friendship she has made with all her bffs at the tuition center for the past 2 years.

Bad news for me is that I holler more at home.  This drama queen has a ‘tidak apa’ (couldn’t care less) attitude and is such a dawdler! In every single task that she hates but has to do.

Good news is that she can help me out in the kitchen everyday as she loves cooking 😀

With 2 rascals to monitor in their revision for exam since last week, I think at least 5 years of my life have been snatched away.  I kid you not. My heart palpitations have increased in frequency with 9 hours of screaming at home. Every. Single. Freaking. Day!

Yesterday was really stressful for me. My part-time helper called in last minute to inform me that she’s taking a day off.  At the eleventh hour that is.  WTF!! I felt so stressed out with the girls and with house chores that I just did not feel like cooking or doing anything.  I tai-chied floor mopping and clothes ironing to Alycia since her exam is only starting next week and she can still help out in the house.  Then we went out to a nearby mall for dinner. But big mistake. After dinner, there was a horrendous traffic jam outside the mall. By the time we reached home, it was close to 10pm. After shower and all, I only had 15 minutes to sit down with Cass to go through the topics that she is weak in her Math.  Since Math is in Chinese, I had to rope in Alycia to help out.

Hopefully the drama queen and Cass will fare well in their Math papers today.  My mum has always been advising me to chill out and close one eye to the girls’ grades in school. She knows I am one who gets stressed out easily.  I wish I can take heed of her advice and close both eyes and just let them be. Whether the grade is  A, B, C or F – just chill out and close both eyes to the grades.

But can I?

Can you?



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6 thoughts on “Stressful Monday – 7 October 2015

  1. My girls have just finished their year end exam yesterday, it is a relieve for them and for me too..
    We always hope our kids will get good marks or at least improvement with all the tuition but similar here I also do not see much of an improvement for younger daughter, probably same attitude like your drama queen happy go lucky style. Hope they will improve next year…:D

  2. I think it is the right decision to stop the after school tuition especially since she is not progressing. My gals will be sitting for their exam soon but if i don’t shout they will be playing in the room.Had to take out the sim card from my older gal’s phone and since all her songs have been deleted,she can listen to pop songs.Younger one lagi teruk, talk more than she revise and don’t mind dropping to a lower class:(

    1. Hi Adel, iGadgets are the devil! In every family! Good luck to your gals in their exam too. Reminding you and myself to stay calm and close one eye 😀

  3. My philosophy is to create/ provide an environment where the kids can study, and u guys have been doing it as in cutting off those iGadgets, and as well unnecessary social activities. My other thing is to reward the kids on their performance and to remind them occasionally what their end goal is.

    1. Yes Chris, we reward our kids for good grades. But our no.2 just needs loads of pushing to move. Hoping that she’ll transform in time to come.

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