Deepavali Holiday – 10 November 2015

We spent our Deepavali holiday at Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.  The hubs brought #1 and #2 to watch the James Bond movie, Spectre, whilst Cass went shopping with me.  I promised to buy her a play dough set with machines that churn out ‘icing’ and all. Play dough is the only toy that 7YO Cass still likes to play with as she loves rolling dough and baking, just like everyone else in the Yap family!

They only had 15 minutes before the movie started and we had a quick bite at Ippudo Japanese Restaurant.  The food came at an amazingly quick speed. Upon seated at the table, the food arrived in less than 5 minutes.  Hubs told the waitress that we were in a rush for a movie and she helped to expedite our meal. Kudos to Ippudo for the assistance and superb tasting food!

After hubs, #1 and #2 were done with the movies, we joined them for the 360 degree 4D virtual reality ride with Oculus Rift Dino Safari. Hubs paid RM100 for 4 tix.  I regret joining the kids coz half way through the ‘ride’, I felt dizzy and felt my tummy churn. I wanted to leave my seat to puke! Not that it is scary, but the 4D motion with pictures almost touching my eyes stirred up my motion sickness, shit!


This dino could move its tail and Cass was so awed with the moving dino.

After a nauseous 15 minutes, I told hubs that I needed something to eat to rid my nauseousness. We went to Alexis Bistro for an early dinner.

I ordered my favorite mee siam @ RM24 a plate! Expensive but worth every strand of noodle. It was delish and the plate was wiped clean.  My next project in the kitchen is to learn how to cook mee siam! 😉

Salad with baby french beans, poached egg, tuna fish and tomatoes.

Nasi kerabu was very yummy too! Love the sambal on the fish and prawn sambal.

Beef lasagna for the kids…

Divine Banana Banoffee cake for the coffee loving hubs…

My all-time favorite heavenly Tiramisu cake. Alexis’ Tiramisu cake is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Alexis sure knows how to keep things interesting. The middle layer of mascarpone cheese is mixed with chocolate flakes to kick-up the chocolaty flavor by a notch! Each slice of cake also comes generously coated with caramelized almonds, giving each bite an extra sweet crunch. Tiramisu cakes here are also served with strawberry sauce which perfectly complements the slice of cake.  To add to the ‘uumph’, hubs ordered a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to go with each slice of cake. Double sinful and fattening!!  I swam 2 extra laps (total 22 laps) in the pool today to melt away the fat!

iGadget addiction to the max! She has less than 2 months of freedom, after which she will start high school. And the UPSR exam results will be released next Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015!  Wish us luck will ya? 😉




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2 thoughts on “Deepavali Holiday – 10 November 2015

  1. The food looks very delicious, I like mee siam too..I spent Deepavali holiday at home, my better half took the opportunity to cement part of the back yard. For the UPSR Chinese Paper, my girl told me yesterday that she will be getting a “C”, well at least she passed Form 5 Chinese paper, haaa…

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