Boxing Day – 26 December 2015

We had visitors at our place on Boxing Day!

My parents, brother, SIL and niece from Singapore came for a short 3-day 2-night stay. Our girls were so happy to see them again.

My dad got loads of hugs from Cass and Raelyn. One calls him ‘koong koong’ and the other calls him ‘yeh yeh’.

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The 2 cousins love to hug dad 🙂

We had dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Hubby ordered my favorite roast chicken. This restaurant dishes out one of the best roast chicken, char siew and siew yoke in the world. I kid you not.  The roast chicken comes with super crispy skin with a moist and toothsome interior, in every bite.  I even doggy-bagged all the breast meat, which I will use to cook fried rice or pasta.

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Below – sweet and sour pork (the girls’ favorite dish. I would say almost all kids love this tangy and appetizing dish) and steamed fish.

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Below – pan-fried aromatic soy sauce prawns.  There were also 2 plates of veggies with no pictures taken of.

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After dinner, we headed to Pavillion to see the vibrant X’mas decor.  The entire mall was swarmed with people of all ages, races and smell!  For a moment, it felt like we were at the busy shopping area of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong on a weekend night just 2 weeks earlier. The sea of people was intimidating and we just could not relax as we were all very wary of our handbags.

We quickly did some camwhoring with the Xmas decor…

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Cass and Raelyn – the 2 bffs. Though 4 years in age gap, they are nonetheless at the same wavelength and the two can really chatter and play till the cows come home. From morning till way past midnight, they are still yakking and playing and I would be drop dead conked out on the bed. We’ve been sleeping past 1 am the past few nights.

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Cass and Raelyn’s joy ride with koong koong / yeh yeh on the way to the restaurant…

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Below – Dad and mum enjoying their Kindori black sesame ice-cream @ Tokyo Street. Dad is 72 and mum 69 this year. May they be blessed with many more healthy and blissful years of spreading their love and company with us.



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5 thoughts on “Boxing Day – 26 December 2015

  1. The family pics are just too precious!
    Btw, where is this restaurant? I will be popping by again for a few days before CNY and would love to try that place. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris
      Wow, you’ll be flying back to Msia again? Lucky you and your kids!!
      This restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Tmn Desa, KL.
      Here’s the address:

      Add: 61A Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa, KL
      Tel: +603 7981 6136
      Location : Taman Desa is located off Old Klang Road

      If you drive, you can use Waze or Google Maps to bring you here.
      If you are taking a cab from a hotel in KL, the cab driver should have no prob. to bring you here. It’s also easy to take a cab back to downtown KL or PJ.

      Enjoy your stay back in Msia again!
      Happy holidays to you Chris 🙂

    2. Hey Barb, Chris
      Oops, I forgot to tell you the name of the restaurant.
      It’s Seng Kee Kitchen @ Taman Desa, Old Klang Road, KL
      It’s our regular. Sometimes we go there for b’fast, lunch and dinner for a few days straight! 😀

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