Healthy Friday – 8 April 2016

Smoothie for today composes of pineapple (half), green apple (1) and orange (2)

This can yield 3 full mugs and 1 bottle for the girls and the hubs.

The girls are having vermicelli with prawn + chicken soup, to go with some takeout char siew and roast chicken. Yeah, I know the weird combo. The mil wanted to clear the freezer and the vermicelli had been lying around for months already.

I am too lazy to prepare a proper salad for myself, thus I am going to have organic broccoli + radish sprouts with skinny char siew and roast chicken breast meat, drizzled with chili sauce from the chicken rice stall and roasted sesame seed salad dressing. I call this my Skinny Super Low Carb Salad 😀

Today is a maid-less day, which means that I have to start sweating buckets in the El Nino heat flexing my muscles round the house 🙁 🙁

I. Hate. House. Chores.!

Have a good weekend world! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Healthy Friday – 8 April 2016

  1. I hate house chores too…we haven’t got a maid, can’t afford to have one..we just do whatever we could, at times I get my girls to help hang & fold the laundry..have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Agnes
      Good that your girls help out
      Our girls help out too in the house too. Though we have a part-time maid who comes in 5x a week, she can only do this much in 3-4 hours.
      Happy weekend to you too 🙂

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