Friday Lunch – Indian Food

Yesterday I sent my car for a wash. To kill time, I had brunch at an Indian restaurant – alone. Bliss! 😀

It’s been a while since I last tucked into some yummy Indian food. I love Indian cuisine and so do our girls.  But we cannot be digging into Indian food as often as we would love to as it is high in carbs, calories, cholesterol and ‘heaty’.  Cass has to go easy on spicy food as it can stimulate her bladder.  Plus spicy food is acidic, which is not good for people prone to getting UTIs.  I gave her lots of cool sliced cucumbers, green capsicums, barley water and Izumio to neutralize the acidity.

Here’s what I chowed down –

Half a portion of Indian style fried vermicelli,  with lots of thick yummy dhall curry and a glass of teh C tarik kurang manis (reduced sweetness).

I had takeaway of 1 piece of roti telur and 1 piece of chicken murtabak for the girls.  The chicken murtabak was bursting with chicken meat, eggs and onions – SO yummy!

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their high caloric lunch and licked the platter clean.  I kid you not, that was just what Cass did. She licked her plate clean.  The forbidden food always tastes so good, don’t they?

Total cost of our lunch was only RM12.  Aha, another plus point for eating Indian food!  Just make sure you stay away from all the meats (which don’t come cheap) and the bill will be kind to your wallet.  We thoroughly enjoyed our delish spicy Indian lunch and can’t wait for the next round.


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