Drama Queen

My drama queen may be headstrong and locks horns with me all the time. She drives me bonkers and she makes me want to strangle her.  But whenever she helps me out in the kitchen, she would have redeemed it all.

She loves to do all that I hate!  She’s my savior from Heaven!

She helps to peel onions – my most dreaded chore.   I will omit onions from my dishes and use garlic instead if there is no one to help me peel and chop the onions and shed the tears for me.  She tells me that she closes her eyes when she cuts the onions, omaigawd, I pray she will never chop off her own fingers!!  Sometimes she wears the goggles 😀

She helps to wash the dirty dishes.

She always volunteers around the kitchen.

When I am not in the mood to cook, she’s like the angel encouraging me and offering her help.

I am blessed. All her redeeming features can indeed negate all her faults when we work together in the kitchen.  But once she’s out from the kitchen, well, that’s another story to be told.

I am pretty certain she will follow her daddy’s footsteps.

Here she is, working on a pizza last night (Sunday)-

Drama queen chopped the onions and tomatoes.  And I helped to put the pizzas into the oven.  I dragged the girl with the royal hands into the kitchen too and made her slice cucumbers and capsicum.

Our dinner last night – pizza with loads of onions, tomatoes and cheese 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Don’t you think she locks horns with you a lot coz you both are the same type? LoL. That happens with me and Ethan too coz we are both the stubborn type. The Daddy is always trapped in between 😀

    Best lah to have homemade pizza. Yums!

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