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I am a sucker for home cooked dishes and soups. They are the best! Cooking my own meals affords me the peace of mind that goes along with having complete control over the type and quality of ingredients in my meals and the degree of cleanliness that goes into their preparation.  I am fortunate that I am a work-from-home mum who have the ‘luxury’ to dish up home cooked meals for my girls.

Soups are an important item on the dining table for the Chinese.  A comforting bowl of hot soup is not only nourishing but delicious.  Soups are easy to prepare and it can be treated as a one-pot complete dish with meat and vegetables cooked together.

Traditional Chinese soups are gentle tonics made from fresh vegetables, different types of meat or fish and flavored only by natural ingredients.  One distinguishing element about traditional Chinese soups is that oil, cream and butter are hardly used – making the soups naturally low fat, low calorie and low sodium. We hardly ever add salt into our soups.

Not all parents have the time to prepare home cooked dishes or soup on a daily basis.  Wouldn’t it be good it there was a soup cooker with pre-set digital timer that you can rely on to cook a pot of nourishing soup or a stew just on time for dinner for your family? With the revolutionary Khind Soup Cooker, you can now come home to a pot of  hot soup or hot stew ready to be served! Just blanch some vegetables and dinner is ready!

Features of the Khind Soup Cooker:

  • Stew soups at simmering heat to breakdown meat and at the same time infuse flavours of the spices suggested in the recipes.
  • Pre-set for delayed cooking. Stewing is available.
  • Wide variety of menu available with special double stew function.
  • Large capacity to cook whole chicken.

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The main cooking functions of the Khind Soup Cooker are as follows:

Double Stew
This function uses ‘three quarter power” of Fast Stew function. Stew soups at simmering heat for 4 hours to breakdown meat and at the same time infuse flavours of the spices suggested in the recipes to cook delicious and aromatic soups.

Fast Stew
Faster cooking time. Higher heat input, 2 hours pre-programmed stewing time.

Intense Heat
For meals that require high heat to extract flavors and essence for example:

1)Nutritious Soup –  ABC Soup, Lotus Root Soup where vegetables, roots and fruits
form the main ingredients.

2)Rib Soup – Suitable for soup consisting mainly of rib meat.

3)Chicken Soup – Soup with poultry as the main ingredient.

4)Bean Soup – For beans that need more time and high cooking temperature to achieve desired softness and flavor.

5)Thick Soup – chicken mushroom stew, lamb / beef radish stew.

Mild Heat
This menu groups the type of ingredients that need longer time to stew while using lower heat to preserve the flavours and its essence. Examples: tendon and big bones soup, knuckle soup, stewing brown rice and multi grain porridge, white rice porridge with meat and desserts like lotus seeds and lily pear, etc

For working mummies and also daddies, this soup cooker could save you money and time as you can now prepare wholesome home cooked soups and stews everyday for your family. This saves you money from eating outside, not to mention how much more healthier it is for your loved ones to eat nutritious food that is not laced with salt, oil, sugar and food additives.  When only good food goes into your body, you are bound to feel the difference to your health and waist line too!  Remember, less salt, less oil and less sugar equal less FAT.

This is my hearty bowl of double stew free-range chicken soup. It is rich in taste, full of chicken flavor (nothing else is added besides one whole chicken), not to mention incredibly nutritious.


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  1. I only cook soup once in a better half does not favour soup much, that’s the problem. wish I could be a work from home mum like you too.

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