Grocery Bill

It’s been a while since I last posted about what’s in my daily groceries shopping cart!

Being a health freak mom who believes in eating natural and organic food with minimal to zero processed food, our monthly grocery bills exceed RM2,000 per month.  If we can afford going fully organic, our grocery bill will be double or even three times this amount!  And this is not inclusive of our supplements and other household items.

Hopefully our clean eating is our insurance to having good health with zero major ailments.

My shopping cart yesterday was pretty empty. It’s usually half full or full, filled with organic pork, chicken, milk, yoghurt, vegetables, nuts, seeds and the whole enchilada for our 3 growing piranhas.  Though I only bought 10 items (free range chicken eggs and almond strips not in the cart yet), the bill amounted to RM100.13!

Honey, you always wonder why you have to give me money everyday, nah the proof. No Hermes, no Versace and no luxury items. Just healthy stuff for your darlings.  Worth it, ain’t it? 😉


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2 thoughts on “Grocery Bill

  1. non organic items are also getting more expensive what more if they are organic items. For health purpose, we also recently go on eating brown rice when we cook at home. It would be good if can plant own organic vegetable and fruits but most of us do not have the space to do so.

    1. If we have a garden, I will def. be planting lots of vegetables and fruit trees. We plant herbs in pots at our condo balcony. Tried planting spring onions too. Initially it thrived but after a while, it shriveled.

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