Papa & Mum’s 48th Wedding Anniversary

My parents were in KL over the weekend. My 75-year old papa drove from Ipoh.  Praise Lord again for bringing them safely to KL and back to Ipoh.  They were here for a double celebration: my cousin’s baby girl’s full moon party on Saturday and their 48th wedding anniversary celebration on Sunday.

Mum received several surprises on her anniversary:

The hubs’ surprised mum with a beautiful bouquet of roses and Drama Queen surprised us with baked reverse crumbled apple rose pies for breakfast on Saturday!

Alycia wrote a poem for her grandparents, which I didn’t even know.  She only came home past midnight on Friday after an outing with her friends at Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright to celebrate Halloween on the last day of her UEC exam. Her friend’s dad brought them for supper before dropping her home. The next day she slept in till 10 a.m..  This will be the last time she gets to go out at night for a long long time. Hubs and I were not pleased at all that she came home so late. Her reason was horrendous traffic jam at Sunway Lagoon! 🙄

On Sunday, we celebrated papa and mum’s wedding anniversary with a brunch at Copper Mansion PJ.  The designer Choc-a-li-cious cake is from Front Room & The Kneady Baker. We ordered dad’s birthday cake from the same baker in August this year.


I am really thankful that we are able to celebrate this joyous occasion with papa and mum again this year. We’ve been celebrating their wedding anniversary since 2010 and I pray that we can do this for many more years to come.💝 👫


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2 thoughts on “Papa & Mum’s 48th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to your mom and papa. What a wonderful celebration with loved ones. I can’t help chuckling when I read about Alycia’s night out with her friends. Ashley asked to go to with her friends from school and because there was no adult supervision, I didn’t allow it. Was there an adult with Alycia and her friends?

    1. Hey Barb, nope there was no adult supervision. After Alycia turned 13, I stopped following her out with her friends 😀
      It feels weird to be following them from behind. And I am sure they will surely balk at the idea too. Her friends are a bunch of 15 and 16 year old boys and girls.
      But it’s good to follow if Ash allows you too lol! At least you have peace of mind being with her. Does Ash allow you to follow?

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