Flour-less Orange Chocolate Cake

Two of my favorite cakes of all times are the flour-less orange cake from Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village and Lemon Polanta cake from Red Kettle.   Since exams are over for this year and the girls have 5 days of Deepavali holiday, Sherilyn volunteered to bake me a cake on an ad-hoc basis yesterday.  She searched through the fridge to see what ingredients were available.  Oranges, almond meal, organic cocoa powder, Whittakers Almond Gold bar and eggs were what she found. With these, my baking queen Googled for a recipe and found a fancy schmancy recipe by Nigella Lawson. Within an two hours, she whipped out an almost guilt-free flour-free orange chocolate cake with chocolate cream:

My baking queen’s low-carb orange chocolate cake is made from almond meal (toasted), 6 eggs, 2 whole oranges (simmered in a pot for 2 hours), reduced brown sugar (organic) and cinnamon.  She blitzed all the ingredients in our Blendtec blender.  When she encountered some difficulties blending all the ingredients half way through, she mixed them with her hands.

Chocolate cream is made from microwaved chocolate chips, Whittakers Almond Gold chocolate bars and fresh milk.

Had I closed my eyes to taste the cake, I would have thought that I am eating  orange flavored chocolate mousse cake!


Sherilyn’s treat for herself ~ cake with Haagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream ice-cream on stick!

Though the cake was yummo, I would still prefer a no-frills good old plain orange flour-less cake that’s close to zero carbs.  Never mind.  My baking queen has all the time in the world to try baking that and also a lemon polanta cake during the 5-week school holidays soon!

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