Letting Off Steam

A fatso made me hopping mad this morning.  Forgive my rather unkind words but I just have to let off steam here. See the man in black in the photo below? I don’t know him. But he couldn’t b**rdy control his words and unleashed the wrath of an angry woman because of the insulting words he said about me right behind my back.

The story goes like this…

This morning I had breakfast with the hubs, mil, the girls and our good friend, Alan Yun at a kopitiam.  My chair was back to back with the fatso in black tee (occupied later by the lady with her face blurred in the photo). Mid way through eating, fatso complained to me that my chair was too near his, so fine, I pulled my chair nearer to our table. A few minutes later, his woman arrived and he began to gossip loudly to her in Cantonese about my butt and chair!! How dare him!

Fatso – the lady behind me is not sitting properly. Look at her chair. Want to sit also don’t know how to sit.

Me – (starting to feel steam released from my ears)!!

Fatso –  Look at her putt (butt). Only half her putt is on the chair.  Sit until like that, yadi yadi yadaaaaaa…

OMG, like an uneducated so-free-till-nothing-to-do phat phor (nosy lady) at the market!!

I felt a wave of fire swept through my head and I turned over to face him and unleased the ball of fire right on his face! And KABOOM I morphed into a nasty angry b*tch 👽, trying so hard to control the F and B words from my mouth as my daughters were around.

Me in Cantonese to Fatso loudly, so loud I felt all heads at the kopitiam turned towards my direction:

“I like to sit like that, can’t I? Mind your own business. You’re a man, but such a busy body. My butt is small and I can’t occupy the entire chair. Jealous ar? !!”

Suddenly, everyone who was chatting at our table stopped short in shock. Fatso stopped short of gossiping too. I think he didn’t realize himself talking so loudly that I could hear him talk about my butt right behind my back, loud and clear.

GAWD! Never have I seen such a nincompoop of a man, insulting a woman’s butt right behind her.

Check out his fat butt on the chair. Some of the fats are jutting out from the holes on the chair behind and he expects my butt to be like that too? WTF!

Still in a fit of rage many minutes later, I ranted to hubby and the girls loudly that I have no more appetite to eat anything as some dim-witted people who have no business to mind about my butt  just spoiled my mood, just so the jerk could hear me.  I was expecting a backlash from him but he was as silent as a mouse after my outburst.

I was still ranting loudly throughout breakfast in Cantonese and English, voicing out my utter anger over the jerk just so he could hear it. Before I left, I asked Sherilyn to take a pic of the jerk. How dare he insult my butt and how I sit. Totally  none of his toot toot business.  Shame on you Fatso!

*End of rant and get off from soapbox*
Please, no backlash / negative comments on this post. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Letting Off Steam

  1. So proud of you! I would have done the exact same thing, maybe in a “nicer” way; I would compliment Lardo on his svelte figure compared to mine and ask sweetly how he maintains it. And add if I need to move my chair even further to accommodate him, he should not hesitate to say so.😆🙄😛

    1. Hey Chris, you’re too funny!! I was seething at that moment and just blurted out what was at the tip of my tongue. Could not contain my anger to remain calm. If I ever see him on the street again, I’ll definitely give him a killer stare. Our neighborhood is not very big. Am quite sure I’ll bump into Lardo again one day! lol!

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