Sinful Sweet Monday

After a sumptuous dinner at Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Complex to celebrate mom and dad’s 49th wedding anniversary last night, hubs went shopping for desserts, though we’d just scarfed down so much delish food with dessert of half the anniversary cake, longevity pau and white fungus longan dessert just a moment ago!

Our first stop was at Ladurée, a patisserie specializing in macarons. Ladurée has been in  existence in Paris for over 150 years.  The macarons from Ladurée @ BSC are fully imported from Paris, thus the jaw-dropping price tag.  Hubs paid RM48 for 4 macarons. The gold colored ones come with a RM20+ price tag!

None of us are fans of macarons as we find them too sweet and cloy for our liking.  Besides the sugar, the bright food coloring is OMG!  I was trying my best to stop the hubs from buying something that no one likes and has no nutritional value. But he was intent in getting the best French macarons for us to try and good thing he did as everyone liked them!

The outer shells of the airy meringue sandwiches were smooth and crisp, and the inner fillings were a variety of fluffy creams, jams, and ganaches with ground almond in every bite. The texture of the macarons was wonderful, and like nothing we have ever tasted before.

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After a wonderful treat of French macarons, the next stop was at Godiva for some much raved premium soft serve ice-cream!

You can take your pick of Dark Chocolate, Vanilla White Chocolate or Twist Chocolate soft serve ice cream, served in crispy waffle cones with rims dipped in chocolate and crunchy praline almonds. Hubs bought two Twist Chocolate.

The ice cream is so luxurious. Its rich and creamy texture just melted in our mouths and we love that the ice cream isn’t too sweet or cloy.

Luxury ice cream comes with an equally posh price tag of RM23 for one cone of this soft-serve treat. This is something that chocolate and ice-cream fans should try at least once to experience the ultimate luxuriousness of the best of both worlds in one.

After such sinful indulgence, I woke up this morning with a bad nightmare. I dreamed that my blood test showed that my blood sugar level shot up to a reading of 10.8 and I was officially confirmed a diabetic patient and needed meds!!! And Cass’ blood sugar level was also high and before the doctor could tell me her blood sugar reading, I woke up from this terrible dream!  😱🥶😅

And so today, I tried with my might not to indulge in anything sweet, though we had another round of eating and merriment with my parents and SIL from Hawaii. I never take my dreams lightly. Maybe it’s a warning from my big Boss up there that I should watch what I eat! 😊

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6 thoughts on “Sinful Sweet Monday

  1. The Godiva ice-cream is Ashley’s favourite 😀 It’s very expensive though so I told her to just eat the ones at Family mart. LOL! Your dream is hilarious!

    1. Hey Barb
      Actually Godiva’s ice-cream tastes very much like Family Mart’s dark Belgium chocolate soft serve ice-cream and FM’s ones are so much cheaper! lol!
      But Godiva’s cone is nicer.

  2. My first experience at Laduree was in HK. I walked in and asked if there was a unique HK flavour. The salesgirl there looked down her nose at me and said all the macarons are imported from France! So, I told her, in that case, I don’t want any!😆
    Your daughter should try and make some. I went on a crazy bender to make macarons for Xmas one year and never would I try that again! One recipe I used suggests leaving the egg whites out at room temperature for 1-2 days!
    I do love Godiva ice cream and the price here is about the same with the exchange rate. I usually have it twice a year and share the cone with hubby. I have a loyalty card and it seems every time I’m there I get a free chocolate! You should enroll in it!

    1. Hey Chris
      One of the reasons my hubby bought the macarons was to ask our Baking Queen to taste them and then learn to make them LOL! Let me find out about the loyalty card and see if I need to pay a fee. My girls are chocolate lovers!

  3. My loyalty card was free, and no expiration.
    I was put off by Laduree cos in Melb, which has macarons in most of its cafes, I’ve tasted pandan and kaya macarons, or ones made with gula melaka. I do hate pompous sales people. Have to say the LV people are actually quite nice at the store in PJ; we went in, sat on a big comfy leather couch for like 10 mins, then got up and left!

    1. Ooh, I love free stuff! Will check it out the next time we pass by a Godiva shop!
      Kaya, pandan and gula melaka macarons sound yummy. I love everything santan, pandan and gula melaka!

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