MCO Day 12 ~29 March 2020 (My 47th Birthday)

When your country is in a partial lockdown and you are in a house quarantine, every day seems the same – from Monday through Sunday. We sometimes lose sense of time.  Even important events like birthdays. I almost forgot that it’s my birthday in the morning until I saw Alycia busy whipping up something in the kitchen. No wonder she asked me where the matcha and some baking tools are kept last night!

My first birthday present was Dalgona matcha, whipped up by Alycia, the one with royal fingers and Princess attitude who doesn’t like any sort of kitchen work! I am totally touched that this Princess actually knows so much kitchen stuff and now I know that she’s been pretending not to know all these while 😬  She must have watched the DIY tutorial on how to prep Dalgona matcha so many times that she could whip up a perfect glass of frothy quarantine cafe-style beverage for her mummy ❤️

What is Dalgona?
Since a three quarter of the world has been implored to stay at home for the past one month plus, the bulk of the caffeine dependent among us have had to get creative with our coffee or matcha at home, as popping to Starbucks or boba tea shops is no longer an option for many.  Enter Dalgona coffee, a DIY South Korean coffee trend, which has been popularised by video app, TikTok.  Dalgona coffee or Dalgona matcha is a thick, creamy, frothy iced latte. It is photogenic and Insta-worthy as the thick caffeinated mixture is separated from the chilled milk.

After Dalgona, Alycia proceeded to prep something else for me, which is a steamed mashed sweet potato + potato mixture that she pan-fried but that didn’t turn out too well and she just binned everything 😟

The kitchen was a hive of activities the entire day. After Alycia exited from it, it was Sherilyn’s turn to whip up something for me – egg custard, another favorite dessert of mine! When I saw what she was doing, I honestly doubted that it would turn out successful but I totally under-estimated this girl with magic hands. The egg custard turned out beautifully, almost like the ones from Ipoh Kwong Hing coffee shop! 👏  👍

In the afternoon, my SILs from Hong Kong, Hawaii and Auckland hosted a Zoom birthday party for me! My SIL from Hawaii sent me a virtual birthday cake 😁

Hubs went out in the evening to collect our takeout dinner from Red Kettle, my favorite fusion restaurant and came back with a surprise Pandan Gula Melaka birthday cake for me ❤️

Our delectable spread of Western and fusion food from Red Kettle:

The Portugese egg tarts from Red Kettle are to die for, absolutely the best in the world!

Since he was out, hubs stocked up on breads, buns and cookies, enough to last us for half a month. Hopefully by then the MCO would have ended.

Everyone looking sweaty and sloppy here as it’s been a very hot day here in KL. It didn’t help that everyone of us, especially me, have been busy mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen and washing bathrooms. It was our shower time and no one bothered to dress up for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Just before I retired to bed, the cheeky rascal gave me my last surprise of the day – a birthday card that I am going to laminate after the MCO when the stationery shop re-opens. The birthday card has a pop-up birthday card in it and words that are worth a million dollars.

My Potterhead solemnly swore that she will never dump me into an old folks home in future.  I’m going to hang the laminated card somewhere to remind Cass of her solemn promise so that she can never renege on it  😁

Wait, that’s not it. My claw machine fan gave me another surprise! She blind folded me and asked me to use a claw hair clip to claw out bank notes from her money pouch! I was given 3 tries – first try I fished out a one Ringgit note, second try another two one Ringgit notes and the final try I fished out a wad of notes!  Total prize is RM108 and with this, I almost emptied all of Cass’ savings, which she saved since 3 years ago.  For my birthday 3 years ago, Cass exhausted all her savings to buy me a handbag from Lazada. I am indeed blessed to have these 3 gems in my life 💕

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2 thoughts on “MCO Day 12 ~29 March 2020 (My 47th Birthday)

  1. Happy Birthday!! You certainly celebrated in style! My husband loves creme brulee too; I did it once and it was sooo much work! Your daughters are so sweet to cook up such a storm!
    If you like pasta, especially the fusion styles, check out this lady on YouTube Marion’s Kitchen.

    1. Thanks for the b’day wishes Chris!
      Oh yes I’ve heard of Marion Grasby. I have a friend who uses her recipe every day!
      My mil is staying with us now and when she’s around, she will only cook her good old tried and tested decades-old traditional recipes 😀

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