RMCO Day 69 ~ Monday, 17 August 2020


Hubs booked an appointment for me to see his physiotherapist @ BP Specialist Centre, Taman Megah to treat my painful right wrist.  Actually, he had to coerce me to see the physiotherapist as I am of the opinion that physio won’t treat my hand 100%. The only cure is to rest my hand and not to overuse it.  It would undo all the treatment when chores still have to be done at home. Now I understand why my previous part-time helpers often called in to tell me that they had to take a few days off as they had aches all over their body.  These ladies cleaned up to 3 houses in a day, six times a week, thus can you imagine the beat-up state of their body?

My hand is actually healing well.  The pain is no longer on my wrist bone but I still have difficulty turning the hand. Thus, hubs thinks that a session of physiotherapy would speed up the healing process.

I was administered Interferential and Ultrasound treatment for a duration of 30 minutes.

I didn’t feel any improvement on my hand until 2 days later. The pain is now 90% gone and I have to be extra cautious not to bend and turn it at certain angles too much to trigger a re-inflammation.

After we left the hospital, hubs and I went to Kampar Cafe @ Sea Park PJ where we tucked into time-honoured Kampar noodles, fish balls, fried fish balls, pork balls, beef balls, beef tendon balls, fried fuchuk and taufu,  decadent Ipoh-style Kai Si Hor Fun and mouth-watering curry Chee Cheong Fun. What a stomach-satisfying warm meal we had after an hour of freezing cold time spent at the hospital on a wet and cold Monday morning.  I washed down my brunch with hot pumpkin barley served in breakable Chinaware mugs and not cheap plastic or Melamine cups 👍. Even their hot food is served in breakable Chinaware bowls. I am super OCD when it comes to the type of tableware that my hot food touches.  I cringe at the sight of hot soup put on Melamine and plastic bowls with the paint so faded that I’m convinced that I’d ingested the toxic chemicals 😬

Hubs also tapau a LOT of food from Kampar Cafe for our dinner, enough to last us for lunch, dinner and lunch again the next day 😁.  He now knows that I’m happiest when we don’t have to cook. I now take every opportunity to tapau food home whenever we are out so that I can give my hand a respite from washing and moping.

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Kampar Cafe
44, Jalan 21/19, Sea Park,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Daily, 8am-8pm.
Tel: 03-7496-7309

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