Assisted Living Offers Safety and Health Benefits

An aging parent’s safety and well-being may prompt you to consider a senior residence with skilled assisted living nurses Denver.

What Is Assisted Living?

Among housing options, assisted living homes provide more personal and health-oriented care than independent senior communities.

The levels of medical and personal care, and the costs, vary among facilities. Typically, assisted living homes provide meals, help with dressing and medications. Recreational activities and educational and religious programs may be offered. The accommodations can be individual rooms, shared units or apartments.

When Is Help Needed?

Some areas of daily life become challenges with age. You might be concerned about how your parent is managing day-to-day life. An assisted living home also can help residents cope with a lack of companionship, loneliness and depression.

Happy seniors eating ice cream at Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Campus in Denver, CO

Signs that your parent may benefit from living in an assisted living residence involve:

  1. Meals: Grocery shopping and fixing meals may become a burden. Frozen meals and fast food can translate into poor nutrition.
  2. Medications: Medical treatments call for taking prescription drugs on time and in proper doses. Misplacing and forgetting to take medications can have a negative impact on health and chronic conditions.
  3. Self-care: Showering, dressing and other personal management may be hard to do without assistance.
  4. Household hazards: Stairs may be difficult to manage. Stoves and other appliances may pose dangers. A cluttered room presents tripping hazards.

If these issues are worrisome, it could be time to talk with your parent about moving into an assisted living residence.

Why Is Assisted Living Beneficial?

Finding a residence where your parent is comfortable and safe can result in a better quality of life.

The search for an appropriately licensed facility involves looking into costs, suitability and speaking with staff and residents about particular homes. The process can be complex and time-consuming.

Helping a parent consider options for assisted living care before an accident or health crisis could lead to a happy and safe homelife in later years.

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