CMCO Day 130 ~ Saturday, 17 Oct 2020

With the shitty pandemic not getting any better, wearing of face masks is set to become compulsory for at least another half a year. Even if it’s no longer mandatory by law to wear face mask in public, I will still be wearing one.  Our girls and hubby too. Would you dare to take chances of baring your nose and mouth? Just put on a face mask for peace of mind. And since face masks have taken over my blusher and lipstick, I might as well wear one in my favorite color to decorate my face 😷 .  Bright pretty colors often put me in a good mood.  I really need something to brighten up my life in depressing times like now.

The Covid situation in our country is getting worse by the day. Everyday we read of new positive cases detected in a new shopping mall or office building.  Today our country reported over 800 new positive cases.  More businesses are now affected by this unexpected black swan event.  Last week when the government announced that another CMCO would be imposed followed by cancellation of hubby’s catering events, my heart felt so heavy. I feel like our lives have been dealt with another big blow after we’ve just picked up the pieces and thinking that our lives are slowly returning to the norm.

“You’re not the only ones affected. The whole world is affected. Every business is affected” – this is what people always say to console us but the pain and frustration are overwhelming and it sucks, especially on the financial impact it has on us.

Besides reusable fabric masks, I’m also buying colorful disposable face masks to add to my collection.  Apart from Medicos, I discovered two other made in Malaysia brands,  namely Durio and Simply K and have bought these brands to add to my collection. I love them bright pretty colors!

My parcel of joy received today – face masks in bright purple ☺️

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