Support Your Community During the Quarantine

Governments throughout the world have enacted quarantine restrictions that have impacted large and small communities alike. You and many others are unable to resume an ordinary life, which has impacted both individuals and businesses alike. If you wish to help your area, there are a few tasks that you and others can do.

Donate to Organizations

Your town or city likely has a few local nonprofit organizations that help the most vulnerable populations. They might need the following resources:

  • Cash donations
  • Masks (homemade or disposable)
  • Personal protection equipment (gloves, sanitizers)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Blood (if eligible)
  • Volunteer labor

You can try to contact these organizations directly or even do simple tasks like placing food by local pantries. Also, you can make money and supply donations to general nonprofits that help people throughout the country or worldwide.

Eat from Local Restaurants

Due to the restrictions on large gatherings and the high potential for contamination via food, restaurants have been hit hard during quarantine. Both larger chains and local places can use some help. While making a Noodles and Company order online Northwest Suburbs Chicago helps the franchises, your community’s independent locations also need plenty of assistance. Make sure they have curbside takeout and home delivery options to keep yourself safe while buying their meals.

Purchase Gift Cards

Other businesses throughout your community are also potentially in peril during this situation, but it might not be the right time to go shopping. An effective way to support these places is by purchasing gift cards for friends and family, as well as vouchers for your own use. Buying these items ensures that the businesses receive some money while also saving the shopping for a later time. See if any local business throughout the area offers them, from restaurants to clothing shops.

COVID-19 may have severely disrupted the lives of people in your community, but there are ways to help. These are just some of the solutions that can keep people and businesses going during these times.

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