RMCO Day 179 ~ Saturday, 5 Dec 2020 (Alycia’s 17th Birthday)

Our miracle baby turns 17 today! Her dad still thinks of her as a little girl and ordered a jelly cake in pastel pink with cute little lambs on it (she’s born in the year of the goat) 😆.

When Alycia found out that her dad has ordered a little lamb jelly cake in pastel pink for her (she doesn’t like pink), she went “What? That’s for babies! Whatever la, I’ll eat it anyway. I love jellies!”. 😆

As Alycia celebrates her day, I am once again reminded to be forever thankful to God for answering my prayers with this beautiful miracle baby.  17 years ago today remains the happiest day of my life.   Alycia’s still the most beautiful baby I’ve met ~ with snow white skin, rose bud red lips, a deep dimple on each side of her cheek, double eyelids and blonde hair, though the blonde  hair has turned brunette now  😊

Happy birthday, our dearest precious baby Alycia. Your birthday gift will be driving lessons after your SPM in March next year 🚗.

Today I brought Alycia to school to collect her books as the academic year has come to an end.

Alycia’s birthday presents:

An angpow from me; I also took her to the supermarket and bakery to get all her favorite snacks.  Dinner was takeaway Korean food.

Her Chinapek daddy bought her 4 boxes of ‘jiao zhi’ (dumplings), homemade by a friend’s mom. It was wrapped in newspapers. When he came home carrying a plastic bag of newspaper wrapped gift, he looked like those olden days fathers who would ‘tapau’ roast pork wrapped in newspapers for their loved ones on their birthdays 😆. My papa did this for me!  Alycia’s top favorite food is ‘jiao zhi’.

I have also ordered 4 boxes of ‘jiao zhi’ from a random seller on Facebook and the order will be delivered to us next week. Now we have a freezer stocked up with Alycia’s favorite food, which she can eat when we have porridge (she hates porridge!) 😁
Fire Tiger 3-jelly milk tea from her best friend and handmade and hand-painted macarons from her good friend (former high school mate) who’s now living in Auckland.
On another matter, I’m now hooked on Fire Tiger’s boba tea after tasting it several times when Alycia best friend sent it to her 🤭.
Love 18 chocolates that came with dry ice, delivered via Grab Food from another friend.
Another friend came to send her a tiramisu cake, which she immediately walloped before I even had the chance to snap a picture.
Lastly, a little drama happened on Alycia’s birthday!
The mil bought 2 life crabs from the market to have it steamed for dinner as Alycia loves eating crabs. When she was about to prep the life crabs in the evening, she found one crab missing! It had escaped from the metal bowl that the mil had propped up.  The crabs’ legs were tied up but it managed to escape. We went searching for it high and low and finally Maria our part-time helper found the poor little scared fella hiding in a gap between the fridge and kitchen cabinet 🙁
I had actually said a forgiveness message to the crabs earlier and gave them a pat on the shell. Sherilyn did the same thing. I think the fellas must have heard us and it tried to escape.  I felt so sorry for the two fellas and didn’t eat any of it for dinner.  As I’ve said many times, I’ll turn vegan one day 🙂

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