CMCO Day 188 ~ Monday, 14 Dec 2020

This is our dinner today crafted by our teenage chef:

1. Butter poached salmon with homemade Aioli sauce and wakame salad
2. Japanese tofu salad
3. Grilled mackeral with Chef S’ homemade teriyaki sauce
4. Onion omelette
5. Blanched broccoli

Dish #4 and #5 were prepped by the mil.

Today’s dinner is slightly costlier than our usual dinner as the salmon and mackeral fillets are expensive. Two small pieces cost over RM50.  Sherilyn has been dishing out chicken dishes for 4 days straight and we had KFC last week on the MIL’s birthday.  And then there extra chicken curry dishes from hubby’s shop.   We’ve all had too much of chicken and now cringe at the thought and sight of a chicken dish  😆.  I told our chef that we’re not going to have any chicken dish for at least a week. Thus, we had fish cooked in two styles tonight 😄


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