3 Question To Ask When Seeking Assisted Living During The Coronavirus

Asking senior loved ones to consider Florida assisted living is difficult at the best of times. The Covid-19 virus has made this more difficult due to the affinity the virus has for the elderly, the very young, and those with serious illnesses. We can, however, ask such facilities specific questions that will alleviate our worries.

1. What Is Your Facility Doing To Prevent The Spread Of The Virus?
While assisted living facilities are not bound by federal regulations, they are state-regulated and mirror nursing homes in many regulations. For example,

  • Everyone in the facility must wear masks
  • Visits are either virtual or “window” visits
  • Group dining and activities have been suspended
  • All residents and visitors are tested daily
  • Ask if the facility regularly disinfects doorknobs, elevator buttons, or staircase balustrades

2. How Are You Engaging Residents?
Depression and isolation plague many seniors, whether or not they’re at home or in assisted living facilities. Group dining, outings like shopping or entertainment, and group activities like crafts, dancing, or movie nights keep seniors feeling they’re not alone.

Ask the facility how they are engaging their residents. Is social distancing and masks enough protection for seniors to participate in group activities? In weather-specific states, is it possible to hold these activities outdoors? Can entertainment be brought to the residents, in the form of singers a la Christmas carolers? You want to see some creativity in ensuring their seniors are mentally and physically engaged.

3. How Are You Supporting Your Staff?
Any facility or business is only as good as its employees. Those employees enjoying help with grocery costs, doctor visits, child care, and a host of other concerns tend to stay with the job and give it the effort that is required. Your senior loved one in such an assisted living facility will experience a more stable lifestyle.

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