Toys Everywhere

Toys strewn everywhere, at every nook and corner of the house. This is a permanent sight at our house. Stepping and tripping over toys all the time.
Notice the pieces of blue and red plastic on the left? That was supposed to be a new toy trolley / cart that DH had earlier bought the gals. The 2 little brats even had the ingenuity to remove the bolts and dismantle the whole cart.

DH managed to re-assemble the toy cart but the 2 back wheels can’t be re-attached coz the bolts are missing. Just hope Sherilyn didn’t swallow them.

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Stickers craze

Alycia and Sherilyn are crazy over stickers. They will stick their stickers everywhere…. on their daddy’s bare belly, their faces, their bodies, on the walls, on our bed, you name it they’ll stick them there. What motivates Alycia to attend her Sunday School class is also stickers because at the end of the class, the teacher will reward the kids with stickers.

Last nite, DH bought some cheap cheap but cute cute Winnie The Pooh stickers from the pasar malam. I should have stopped him from buying these stickers coz after their stickers craze frenzy, my maid and I spent half an hour peeling off these stickers from their clothes, from the wall and floor and had to wipe the floor with wet wipes whilst DH happily dozed off on the sofa. Seeing the gals happy makes DH happier. What to do….. be happy also lor. Sherilyn was so happy that early this morning, I heard her giggling in her sleep/dream… aawwww….. that was just so cute. She has a tendency of giggling in her sleep all the time.

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