I Am Katsaridaphobia!

I have a confession to make as regards my fears.  Among fear of heights, I am Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) and am also a wee bit entomophobia, i.e. fear of insects with flappy wings! I fear roaches so much that I would have bad dreams about it every now and then. Yes even at this old age! Recently, I found out that my eldest daughter does NOT have this phobia and YAY, I am mega relieved!!  And happy!  Coz my soon-to-be 9YO daughter will be able to save me from the mental torment of facing  those ugly and stinky creatures that invade my peace and privacy everyday.  Though I keep my house clean, yet these ugly pests find it a pleasure to pay it a visit everyday… and at the places that I least expect them to be like on our dining table or the tray that we place our toothbrushes (the monster’s favorite hideout somemore, eeeeweeee!!!).

Just this morning, Alycia saved the horrified situation by using just a few pieces of toilet paper to catch that bronze creepy creature creeping on our toothbrushes (EEEWE and FREAKS!!!) with her hand and swiftly flushing it down the toilet.  Once done, I was uber proud of my baby and gave her a pat on her shoulders and said “good job Alycia!” while breaking out in a silly yet relieved laughter, LOL!!

I read that one of the ways to overcome the phobia of cockroaches is by exposing oneself to it!! I don’t think I can do it. For someone who is mentally strong (for those of you who read my blogs, you’ll know what I had gone through with Cassandra), I have to succumb to those ugly, stinky creatures and run to grab the can of bug spray while screaming the moment I see the most feared pest!

Anyone here has a phobia of roaches too?

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My First Mother’s Day Card From My Blog Reader!

When I received a pink envelope with my name written on it 3 days ago, I wonder who had sent me a card. It was sent to our old address. I thought it was probably a card from those jewelry shops or from my insurance agent. When the envelope was ripped off, I was pleasantly surprised to see a handmade Mother’s Day card with hand-written words. It was from one of my blog readers, turned customer and cyber-friend. I would never had expected to receive a Mother’s Day card from my blog readers.   e-Cards I have received plenty but a card sent by snail mail, that’s a rarity in this day and age!

On the first page of the card was a neatly hand-sewn cross-stitch letter of S, which is the initial of my name Shireen. The rectangular piece of cloth has neatly sewn sequins on the 4 borders.

On the inside of the card was a hand-written note to me. The card was post-dated to 13 May 2012, which is the actual day of Mother’s Day. I cannot tell you how touched I was to have received this hand-made card.  Thanks very much ST!

To all mothers out there, here’s wishing you a very happy mother’s day. I wish you’ll have a very joyous time celebrating this special day on Sunday! Let you hair loose, forget about the laundry and dusty floor. Pamper yourself from head to toe or simply have a special meal with the loved ones of your life.

** Happy Mother’s Day to my own mummy and thanks for being a loving and caring mother as well as granny to the girls 🙂

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Going Nuts Over Coconuts

And that’s me! I love any food that has coconut in it, whether it is just plain coconut water (which we drink at least twice a week), coconut milk (I can gulp down a cup, great stress buster for me haha!), grated coconut, fresh coconut flesh, curries with lots of coconut milk, DESSERTS made with generous amount of coconut milk, kaya (coconut jam), coconut cookies, cakes that have coconut as one of the ingredients, you name it! Yesterday morning I bought a packet of coconut milk and a packet of grated coconut. The coconut milk was for my order to my mil for pandan-coconut chiffon cake. Yep, my girls and I love pandan-coconut chiffon cake to bits and I have been requesting my mil to bake it for us every week. The grated coconut was to be eaten with steamed lin goe (sticky glutinous rice cake from CNY).  I tell you, nothing beats stress better than eating all my favourite food!!

With the surplus of grated coconut meat, I sprinkled some on my butter on toast for breakfast!

Grated coconut meat on a slice of mil’s homemade pumpkin wholemeal bread with butter, super YUMS! And my baby girl loved it just as much as I did.  Quirky hor?

Wait, more quirkiness… since there was still half a packet of grated coconut meat left by evening, I sprinkled some on my daughters’ dinner, consisting of rice, grilled salmon fish, onion omelette and organic purple long beans, the concoction tasted like nasi kerabu!

I’ll bet no one has done this before. Stuffing myself happy with COCONUT can indeed help me beat the blues and stress before I go nuts! And do you know that coconut oil is one of the super food with tremendous health benefits? I’ll bet you don’t know yet. I’ll be writing a post on the health benefits of coconuts in my health blog soon.

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Early X’mas Pressies For Moi

I received 2 early X’mas pressies from the hubs this year!

A X’mas Tree flash drive for me to burn my pictures and documents

A pair of Nike running shoes in my favourite color PINK, striking strawberry pink some more, nice moe? iLike it so much and only wearing it indoors in the gym…. for the time being until the ‘newness’ wears off 😀   For outside running, am still wearing the old electric blue Nike shoes that he bought me last year. Next year, I will ask for a striking purple or yellow Nike shoes haha!

Last night, he wheeled back another really huge and heavy pressie on the trolly!! The girls thought that it was their X’mas pressie but no no, it’s mine mine mine too muahahahaha!! I am guessing that it is a piece of furniture that I have been telling him to buy. Hmmm, 3 more days to unwrap the pressie 😀

Today my mum and dad received an early X’mas pressie too. My eldest brother in S’pore and his wife welcomed their first child. It’s my brother’s biggest b’day pressie too (his b’day falls tomorrow, which is Kor Doong every year). Looks like everyone in my family has presents that they like this X’mas 🙂 If only we could receive presents that we truly like every year.

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No Internet For 3 Days!

And today is only the first day. I just have a hunch that it will drag on even longer as I have totally no confidence in TM after experiencing 8 days of being deprieved of internet, with lots of ‘tai chi’ from their staff and empty promises several years ago.
The problem this time is pretty bad. I was told that the underground cables are damaged.
Waking up in the morning to discover that your internet is disconnected is every blogger’s nightmare, even a bigger nightmare for those who earn money via the internet.
Thank God I have my Blackberry but it is nothing like a real computer as the functions are limited.
This is also the first time in my 4.5 years of blogging that I am making a blog post using the handphone!
Really hopeful that I will get back my internet connection by tomorrow.

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Munching My Blues and Stress Away

Nothing melts away the blues and stress more effectively than munching on some chips, ice cream and chocolates. When I’m under stress, both from the rascals and work, I munch the blues away. There are some more stashed in the freezer and fridge muahahahaha!!

Here’s a drawer filled with my favorite not-so-unhealthy snacks ( I try to get MSG-free and low sodium ones)

They are the quickest and the cheapest way to beat the stress and blues. Next is retail therapy. And oh yes, blogging. I feel very happy whenever I update my blogs and visit my friends’ blogs 🙂

Happy holiday peeps! And have a great week ahead.

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Finally, After 8 Long Years

For over 8 years, this couple have not had a one-to-one night outing. That’s ever since their 3 precious angels came along. They had sacrificed many couple time together for the sake of their 3 most precious assets. But the day finally came when they could go out again, just the both of them for her alma mater’s reunion, a reunion 21 years later since she had left school. She felt so care-free that night. No big bulky bags filled to the zipper with diapers, extra clothing, wet tissues, tissues, tumblers and all that jazz. The dinner sling bag on her shoulder felt so very light for the first time in 8 years. They could finally hold hands and not the hands of their 3 princesses. She finally had the chance to paint her toe nails again. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel LOL!

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Clandestine Snacking!

For weeks, I had been eyeing the last stick of Mini Magnum that had been sitting in the freezer. Each time I opened the freezer door to take bread and frozen dish, the Mini Magnum seduced me invitingly. But my girls were always around. Today, my cough is better. I was itching to rip apart the Mini Magnum wrapper and sink my teeth into the crispy chocolate coating and cold luscious, creamy milk. I had an opportunity finally. Baby was playing. Rascal #2 was playing too. The maid had gone done to wait for Alycia. But I had to do it quick. Alycia would be back anytime. Baby would notice me missing from my work area. I covertly went to the fridge, opened the freezer done and quietly removed the Mini Magnum very carefully so that the sound of the aluminium wrapper will not rouse suspicion. Kids are ultra sensitive to the sounds of ice cream wrappers or sounds of the junk food bag.  You yell at them and they seem deaf but the sounds of junk food shaking in the bag would raise their ears up instantly!

I made a quick dash to the wet kitchen, quickly ripped the wrapper apart and then sank my teeth on that sinful carb. Woohoo, very nice feeling and I could feel some of my stress melting away. I quickly chewed and swallowed. I heard Baby calling out for me. Then I heard Alycia and the maid’s voice at the door. They had returned!! OH NO!! Baby then yelled out “mummy, I want to wee wee!!!” 4-5 times. I ignored her and tried to gobble the whole damn ice cream down my throat but darn it, it was too cold and my mouth and forehead got numb!!! I quickly put the remaining 1/4 of the ice cream in a bowl and quickly sneaked it back to the freezer. Alycia greeted me and I attended to Baby’s needs. No one suspected and noticed that mummy had chomped down the last Mini Magnum hahahah! After washing Baby up and fixed Alycia’s lunch of homemade fried noodles, I discreetly took the remaining quarter Mini Magnum out from the freezer and with one mouthful, finished off the decadent sin. You may ask why I have to do it so discreetly? That’s because the kids have a slight cough too and I don’t want them to eat ice cream. Phew, what a life having to eat like a thief!  I will miss the suspense of clandestine snacking when my brood leave the nest 12 years down the road.

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Guess What I’m Doing?

The girls had a swell time during their recent trip in Penang. On day 1, we checked into G Hotel, a very cool hotel, that’s pretty new and facing the sea along Gurney Drive. G Hotel is situated next to Gurney Plaza and we did shopping at night after dinner at the Japanese restaurant at G Hotel. On day 2, we checked out from G Hotel and checked into Gurney Hotel as G Hotel only had rooms for us for a night. The pool side and activities for kids at Gurney Hotel are awesome.

One of the things that we did at Gurney Hotel was this :

Can anyone guess what I’m doing here? I’m sure you’ll guess it right if you’d tried this before. Sorry, no prize for guessing right ok?

Check out more pix at my other blog

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My New Work Station

This is my old work station – all cluttered and squeezy.   Totally no space for me to put anything else on the table…. The table was bought from Ikea too 4 years ago.

And this is my new work station, bought from Ikea on Sunday…. so spacious and iLove the little storage space with transparant plastic containers. This is the latest design from Ikea. Nice or not? Say nice lar!
I wanted to get myself a bright pink office swivel chair but had forgotten to put the stock into our cart upon check out, bummer!! Must get hubs to make another trip to get that pink swivel chair. I know the color is a bit off but I love pink… or maybe I should get the swivel chair in bright red to match those red containers. BTW, I also got a bright red cabinet from Ikea to store my stock and it’s now placed in the living room. Now, the house is very red, very ‘hoong’ and hopefully this will generate some good vibes and chi to the entire household!  Hmm, must do something about the unsightly cables and wires under the table though… 

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Hectic Day

I am still up at this crazy ungodly hour at 1ish am. I had planned to put Baby to sleep at 1030pm, then wake up to finish off 2 online assignments, reply my customers’ emails, shoot out invoices and to check my 3 bags full of stock but I dozed off and only woke up at 1230am. Have just finished off the 2 online assignments and answered some of the emails but I shall only check my stock tomorrow. Sigh, when will my work ever end?? Thank God my mil is back from HK yesterday. At least there’s someone to take care of the cooking, entertain the kids, trim the kids finger & toe nails (LOL!) and my Mandarin tutor is back! The other day my hubs had to bring Alycia down to the Japanese restaurant to ask the owner to guide Alycia in her homework. All our friends who know Mandarin were unavailable at that time. This made me feel that I have done the right thing of sending Alycia to a Chinese school. I still regret not knowing how to read, write and converse in Mandarin. Had I known, I could have dealt directly with those suppliers from China.

Ok, gotta hit the sack now. It’s almost 2am now. Long day tomorrow, I mean today….

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Buffet Lunch At Xenri Japanese Restaurant, Wisma Elken

We had buffet lunch at Xenri Japanese Restaurant at Wisma Elken, Old Klang Road to celebrate my mum’s birthday recently. Xenri’s Japanese buffet lunch is one of the best Japs buffet in town at a very affordable price.  The fish, oysters and seafood are really fresh and tastefully cooked.

I was already really full – had stuffed myself with lots of Shishamu (pregnant fish), salmon, unagi, butter fish (white fish) and Mackeral but when I saw this bowl of ice kacang that my dad took, I could not resist myself….

I just had to pinch some of his ice kacang… followed by my girls who were not allowed to eat cold stuff as they were having cough.  But when the grandparents are around, a rule is somehow always broken.

Some of the gastronomic grub from the delectable buffet spread…

Fresh oysters on ice…


Maki and sushi…


There were also grilled Salmon fish head, fresh sashimi, deep fried soft shell crab, shishamu, teppenyaki, sukiyaki and a lots more.

Restaurant Xenri
No. 20, Wisma Elken,
Jalan 1/147C, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 77838118
(directly across Pearl Point Shopping Mall)

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Another Hectic Day Today

Today is going to be another stressed-to-the-max and hectic day for me. My main supplier is delivering my batch of stock to me. I am also expecting any parcel from one of my kids apparel suppliers. I have over 100 pieces of clothes to sort out in the evening, which will last until mid night. And my house is going to look like a garment factory again with clothes strewn in every corner, pieces of thread flying everywhere and pos laju bags stacked up on the floor. I am planning to cook fried mee hoon (that’s the easiest 1-pot dish with all the good stuff in – eggs, meat, veggie, noodles) this afternoon. My kids and I will have that for lunch and dinner. I am also going to rope in Alycia and Sherilyn to help me with some of the processes like folding the clothes after my round of QA inspection and sealing the Pos Laju bags.

When my customers’ clothes are all packed and ready to be collected by the Pos Laju postman, I am one very happy woman. My house is clean again. I can have a little respite… until the next big batch comes again in less than a week. This pic was taken early last week. I needed a huge garbage bag to place all the parcels for the postman to carry.

Baby doesn’t want to miss out the ‘fun’ too…

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Durians For Dinner And Breakfast

My 2nd sil from Hong Kong was here in KL recently. She, like anyone of us in the family is a big fan of durians. Everyone in our family loves durians, even Baby. We had a durian party for dinner when she was here and spent a few hundred bucks on premium durians!  Our favorite is ‘Musang King’ and ‘Red Prawn’.

There was a surplus of durians and after she had returned to HK, I had durians for breakfast 3 days in a row! But I wasn’t sick of durians just yet. In fact, 3 days ago hubby bought durians again and I had them for breakfast 3 days in a row again hahaha!  But if you don’t exercise or have health problems, don’t play play oh, too much durians will cause your cholesterol level and sugar level to shoot sky high wor!

The fridge stuffed with durians placed in containers…

Durians galore… for those of you from overseas, sorry… didn’t mean to make you salivate ;P

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A Story Of The Soy Bean Milk Man And Me

I haven’t been so embarrassed for a long, long time. Yesterday morning after my half hour run, I stopped by the soy bean milk man’s van to get a packet of soy bean milk for the girls. I buy soy bean milk and bean curd from this man very regularly. That morning, a lady who looks like an Indonesian greeted me in Cantonese “joa sun, oi mee yeh leng lui?” (good morning, what do u want pretty girl?). I was not surprised that the Indon lady could speak good Cantonese. Many foreign workers in our country speak fairly good Mandarin and Cantonese.

It was the first time I saw this lady and I have known this soy bean milk man for almost 10 years. So I asked the man this “lei ke sun koong yan ar?” (is that your new helper?)…. to which he replied “ngor loa por geh” (my wife’s)…. to which I said “oh, lei gei loa por koong yan lei geh?” (oh, that’s your wife’s helper). The soy bean milk man then corrected me “um mai, koa kor hai ngor loa por lei geh” (no, that’s my wife). When I heard that, I was flushed and malu. Oh gosh, what did I just say? I just said that his wife looks like an Indon maid, oh no… how could I have said such a thing?! I should have zipped my gap and not ask him anything. I was really expecting the man to be offended as he isn’t the friendly and cordial type of person but thank God, he wasn’t angry a wee bit. He was explaining to me why his wife was there and blah blah blah. When I learned that the Indon lady is his wife, I gave her a 2nd, 3rd and 4th look, just to be doubly sure that she’s an Indon.  I am quite certain that she is an Indon as she was talking to another Indon lady there in Indon language.  And each time I looked at his wife, this lady gave me the most polite smile and thank you nod (to thank me for patronizing them).

Moral of the story is, if you are not sure of something and if you do not know the person very well, don’t ask the person any question that is quite personal. Just keep the curiosity to yourself to save yourself from embarrassment and possible chiding off!

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Busy Bee Will Not Be Having A Helper Soon, Boo Hoo Hoo…

I have been staying up late tapping on my keyboard and having only 4-5 hours of sleep for the past few days. This always happens when my suppliers delivers my customer’s stock to me. Being a one-leg-kick and one-man-show, I have to do everything ALL BY MYSELF and this is NOT fun when you have 3 kids and 3 personal blogs to handle. I am really really jaded and burnt out now!! 

I have not only neglected my kids but also my blogs for I have totally no time to squeeze out to update them. It’s 6:15am now and I only have 10mins to update my blogs before I have to bring Alycia down to the lobby to wait for the driver.

My dining table is now mine and it’s quite an eye sore for it is now always covered with pos laju bags, consignment notes, loose threads, my arch files and my customer’s clothes….

The QA part before sending the clothes out is very tedious.  I try to check every part of the baju, cut off hanging threads and sometimes even iron them before sending them out.  If I detect a defect in the baju, pictures of the defect have to be taken, then email them to my supplier, send it back to her, get a refund from her, notify my customer, blah blah blah… all these I have to do with SO much interruption in between.  I love my online store and this business (which is now thriving) but with so much interruption from my kids, I am going bonkers. 

The latest news is that we will be sending our domestic helper back by end of next month and after all the hassle and stress of having one (we have had problematic helpers for 7 years), we have decided not to get a replacement full -time helper.  That means only one thing.  I have to either give up my beloved online shop or go reeeaaaaallly SLOW.  For those of you with 3 kids and no maid, you will know that this is indeed a very very handful chore   job  which not many mothers can take on.  Wish me luck, I really dont’ know how I will cope.  Well who knows, I may be happier without one.

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