Fun With Bubbles

My gals are balloon and bubble crazed. Recently, the gals’ koo koo (youngest sil) bought them an ELC battery-operated bubble maker from Hong Kong and they had so much fun playing with it. Even I find the bubble maker amusing. I normally bring them to the park to blow bubbles so that they will not dirty the floor of our porch but yesterday, I was too lazy to bring them to the park, so they played at the porch and dirtied the floor with soap. But it’s ok, we parents cannot make rules so rigid at times, else our kids will not have an enjoyable childhood. It’s really nice to see Alycia so happy shooting bubbles from the gun whilst Sherilyn chasing after them.

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New Toy Tunnel

This is the new toy that Daddy bought Alycia and Sherilyn yesterday from Toys R Us. Another bulky toy, a tunnel for them to crawl. This is quite a ‘healthy’ toy because crawling is known to be very beneficial for the development of the brain. In fact, crawling and creeping are highly recommended by Glenn Doman for kids with brain injuries.

Now, my house really looks like a playschool. There’s a school-bus tent, a school tent and now a tunnel. Anyone wants to bring your kids to my house to play? You are all welcome 🙂

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Tracing On Doodle

Alycia loves drawing and tracing on her Fisher Price doodle. Each morning as Alycia and Sherilyn eat their breakfast, they have a habit of either scribbling on their doodle or have me or my maid read to them or play jigsaw puzzle on the floor or dining table. Learning to scribble and doodle on the Doodle Pro has definitely helped improve Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s fine motor skills and that’s one of the best toys I’d bought them. Best of all, the gals never seem to get bored with it.

Alycia tracing a picture and word from a flashcard on her FP Doodle Pro.

Alycia’s ‘artwork’.

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Toys Rationing

I recently wrote about my gals’ habit of not picking up their toys after they are done with them. Some mummies suggested that I ration their toys and only have limited toys for them to play and to train the gals to keep their toys.

Today, I finally made the move and my maid and I sorted out their toys and kept one big bag of toys in the storeroom. I told the gals that they have not been behaving well, always strewing their toys all over the house, stepping and jumping on them and eventually spoiling them, ripping them apart, chewing on them and mummy is not happy, so mummy is going to keep some of the toys and if they prove to be good girls later, mummy will bring the toys out again.

I was surprised they didn’t protest my bold move. My 2 brats even helped me put their not-so-wanted toys into a big garbage bag.

The gals helping to sort out their toys.

The big bag of toys to be kept in the storeroom.

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Picking Up Toys

This is normally the scene at my house if I am not around to supervise my gals when they play. Lately, I’ve started to train my gals to keep their toys after they are done with them. It’s not easy to get them to cooperate as most of the time, they’ll just ignore me and continue playing, as though I am invisible. It’s only when I raise my voice (again), threathen them and flash out the cane that they finally hear me. But when they are in a good mood, they will gleefully and willingly keep their toys without being told. Guess they have been pampered by the maid who has always been cleaning up their mess. Time to make a change now.

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New toy

This is the new toy that DH secretly bought his 2 angels from Mid Valley Megamall yesterday… a school bus tent. Well, I shall see how long this new toy can sustain the gals’ interest before being chucked into the storeroom if it is lucky enough to remain intact or being ripped apart into pieces.

Hello mummy… I love this yellow school bus…. “the wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round…”

Taking turns to play bus driver and school children. This bus even comes with an inflatable steering wheel that’s attachable to the tent.
The driver on the bus goes honk honk honk, all through the hall.

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Toys Again!

I am sure those who bought the Star newspapers today got an insert of a huge, attractive and colourful flyer from Toys R Us. Whenever Alycia and Sherilyn see these flyers, they will go oooohh & aaahhh and the 2 of them will spend a good half an hour studying each and every toy advertised in the flyer, discussing amongst themselves what to ask daddy to buy. Now, that’s another free and good breather opportunity for me.

Let’s ask daddy tonight to buy us this, this and this toys, k.

Good taste you two have darlings…. that rabbit slide set costs RM449.95 Alycia girl…. and Sherilyn sweetie that playhouse cost RM1,299 wei… u think your daddy is a millionaire?

Sisters play turn ugly… Alycia snatched the flyer away from Sherilyn. Now, that’s a very good excuse for mummy not to buy anyone any toys.

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Toys Everywhere

Toys strewn everywhere, at every nook and corner of the house. This is a permanent sight at our house. Stepping and tripping over toys all the time.
Notice the pieces of blue and red plastic on the left? That was supposed to be a new toy trolley / cart that DH had earlier bought the gals. The 2 little brats even had the ingenuity to remove the bolts and dismantle the whole cart.

DH managed to re-assemble the toy cart but the 2 back wheels can’t be re-attached coz the bolts are missing. Just hope Sherilyn didn’t swallow them.

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Disney Bunting

Recently, my SIL from Hong Kong sent another package of goodies to the girls and me again. This time, the box was full of Disney knick-knacks and souvenir and some very nice blouses for me too. Mmmmuack…. thanks tai kar cheh once again. When the box was opened, the girls went gila over the colourful cute cute Disney items. Amongst them were 2 Disney Mickey Mouse buntings, one blue and one red. When DH got home, the girls got him to hang the buntings across the dining room. Now, my house looks even more like a playschool. I suggested to DH and my mum that I can now even start a small comprehensive childcare service business to earn some pocket money but both advised me to DITCH this idea completely. Think very easy to earn this kind of money ar, can’t even handle your own 2 kids!

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Toys, toys, toys

DH loves to spoil the gals with toys and food coz he spends very little time with them. 2 days ago, we went shopping at Mid Valley Megamall. Whilst I did my own shopping, DH brought the gals to Toys R Us with the maid. He bought them their 3rd Fischer Price Doodle Pro but this one comes along with stencils and colored marker pens with eraser. Even I like it and spent this morning tracing with stencils and colouring with them on the Doodle Pro during breakfast. He also bought them yet another masak-masak set. This set comes with a 120-piece toy food from french fries, chips, croissant, pizza, ice-creams, tarts, sausages to cans of drinks, boxes of cereal, chocolate and a complete range of fast junkie food. Wah, the moment I opened the box and poured the toys out, they went crazy over them coz they really look like real edible food, esp the ice-cream on a cone. I second the Doodle Pro purchase but not the masak-masak set coz Alycia already has more than 10 sets of masak-masak in KL and Ipoh, 2 toy kitchens and 1 battery operated BBQ stove which emits sounds and lights flown from HK to the gals by SIL. Everyday, my maid and I will be stepping and tripping over their toys and of course keeping them at the end of the day. Next time, I’d better follow them to Toys R Us and make sure that DH only buys educational toys. All purchases must in future be approved by me first!

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