Picking Up Toys

This is normally the scene at my house if I am not around to supervise my gals when they play. Lately, I’ve started to train my gals to keep their toys after they are done with them. It’s not easy to get them to cooperate as most of the time, they’ll just ignore me and continue playing, as though I am invisible. It’s only when I raise my voice (again), threathen them and flash out the cane that they finally hear me. But when they are in a good mood, they will gleefully and willingly keep their toys without being told. Guess they have been pampered by the maid who has always been cleaning up their mess. Time to make a change now.

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6 thoughts on “Picking Up Toys

  1. Jeriel knows that if he don’t keep his toys, his toys will go to dustbin..He will keep his toys but of course with our help…

  2. I usually tell chloe that it was going to the basement..or the driveway.. and she would be in a hurry .. to pick up her mess.

  3. Chanel & Mamabok… hahaha… my gals are immuned to my threats di. I’ve even threatened them that I’ll give their toys away to the orphans but they dont appear worried. Really thick skin they hv. I think i shd really pack their toys and keep them somewhere to show them i mean business the next time they defy my orders haha…

  4. hmm.. to prevent grandma from breaking her back while we’re at work, i sorta hide, release and recycle cairo’s toys in batches.

    that way cairo only has a few toys at a time n not scatter them all over the house. a plus point; she misses some of the hidden toys and plays with them with a newfound interest when they do reappear hehehe

  5. Cairo’s mum… tks 4 reminding me. I think I shd really start keeping some of their toys again tomorrow and release some of their old toys bk to the current batch so that they wont get bored with them.

  6. u have to mean wat u say… take one by one away from them if they don’t listen, and give them one at a time as a reward, asking them which one they prefer. this way, they know u mean business and they have a choice for behaving well..

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