Alycia In Her Tight Pyjamas

Alycia and Sherilyn have always been vain pots and they are very picky over what they wear. Whenever my maid and I choose something for them to wear from their outing dress to simple clothes to be worn at home, they almost never accept our choice of selection but instead, both of them will pull a chair to the cupboard, climb up and pick up an outfit of their choice. Well, I have no one to blame for my gals’ vanity as their mummy is just as vain, if not vainer 😀

Last night as my maid and I were getting the gals ready for bed, Alycia handpicked an old Mothercare onesie pyjamas that she had worn when she was 12 – 18 months. I told her that the pjs is way too small for her and that she has grown so tall now that she cannot fit into the pjs but my vain pot insisted she wants to wear it. Not wanting Alycia to burst into a fit of rage as would have expected if her demand is not met, we gave in to her request but my maid could not button up the pjs. Her body was so stiff in the pathetically worn out tiny Mothercare pjs and she could barely bend her legs. As I was raring to go down to complete my Blogitive paid posts, I just took a pair of scissors and snipped off the bottom part of the pjs where the feet are and this is how Alycia looked in that ridiculous pjs :

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10 thoughts on “Alycia In Her Tight Pyjamas

  1. your daughter has indeed a mind of her own…good thing mommy comes to the rescue and cuts it off…

  2. Chloe does that sometimes too.. and i just let her have her way.. and see for herself.. ! why fight with her.. and reasoning.. when she doesn’t understand it at all.

  3. Mamabok… aiyoh i accidentally deleted yr comment where u said chloe also sometimes does what Alycia did. Soli k?

  4. did she ended up goin to bed with her supertight-bottomless-many size too small pyjamas anyway?

    you just cut if off like that? maybe can save it for baby no-3..

  5. Leena… she did! Aiyoh, she really looked ridiculous but she couldnt be bothered and happily slept in that tight-suit.
    BB no. 3 ar? I cant even cope with 2. When’s ur bb no. 2 coming hehe…?

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