A Picture of Peace

This is the picture of Sherilyn taken this afternoon after we came back from a day at church and lunch at PJ Hilton’s Genji Japanese Restaurant. Sherilyn was so sleepy that she dozed off the minute we buckled her up in her car seat. Not wanting to jolt her up from her sweet slumber upon arrival back home, we just placed her on the mattress on the floor with her outing dress still on. What a picture of peace on her sweet face.

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3 thoughts on “A Picture of Peace

  1. You know ..no matter how naughty they are .. during the day.. at the end of the day..when they are sleeping.. they are all angels.. and as for me.. i can’t help but thank God.. for my lil’ brat… and can’t stay mad at all with her.. 😉

  2. Mamabok… same here. I still thank GOd everyday for giving me my 2 brats & for giving me tons of patience & endurance to be a better mom.
    Hey, hv u fixed the prob in ur blog? I’m still hvg probs leaving comments there.

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