Sometimes Only Her Kakak Understands Her

At times, only my maid Suliah comprehends Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s baby talks. We were having dinner a few days ago and one of the dishes was an omelette. Alycia the greedy pig was chewing with a whole mouthful of omelette when she muffled something like this :

Alycia : I …. (as she munches her food) muck egg…..

Me : You have stomach-ache? Do you want to go poo poo?

Alycia : Shakes her head. I (munch munch munch her food) muck egg.

Me : Hiyah… you must have eaten too much dim sum for lunch. I told you not to eat too much, now you have stomach-ache. Come, let’s go to the toilet and poo poo.

Alycia : I want (munch, munch, munch) ….. muck egg.

My maid who was observing us noticed Alycia pointing to the omelette dish then said “oh, Alycia kata I want somemore egg”

Then all three of us burst out laughing.

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